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What makes Suzuki Connect important for Indian Car Buyers?

Being alert and responsible is an indispensable part of driving today - it ensures everyone’s safety on the road. At the same time, technology can also play a big role in keeping owners up to date about their cars and enhance safety while driving.

Pioneered by Maruti Suzuki and equipped in all the NEXA cars, Suzuki Connect is an advanced telematics system that keeps you and your car connected, thus providing a sense of safety and peace of mind. Comprising an Intelligent Telematics Control Unit, a GPS transmitter and an in-built SIM card, Suzuki Connect has several features that have transformed car ownership for good. These include: -

⦁ You Get Many Important Alerts

It is essential for the driver to keep his family members well-informed when there is an emergency. Suzuki Connect is engineered in such a way that whenever any breakdown or emergency is detected, it sends an emergency alert to the driver’s family and friends. This message will inform them about your current situation, location and the vehicle’s details. 

Another feature is the preventive functional call that gets activated when the system detects a problem with your car. You immediately get a call from the customer care after which immediate assistance is provided including a tow-away service if needed.

⦁ Live Vehicle Status To Keep You Constantly Updated

At times when you are not driving your car, it becomes very important for you to know its live status. With its connected car features, Suzuki Connect provides you with timely notifications for important things about your car including the battery charging status, ignition on/off status, fuel alerts, and more.

⦁ Service Reminders For Timely Car Servicing

This technology also keeps you updated whenever there is a car service date coming close directly on your phone. The ‘Service Reminders’ feature helps in keeping your car maintained by accurately measuring the odometer reading and then sending the text to your mobile. With Suzuki Connect, you don’t have to worry about missing your car service. 

One of the finest automotive technologies that are purpose-built for modern car buyers, Suzuki Connect gives you first-hand experience of what connected cars in India are capable of in terms of elevating your overall car ownership experience.


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