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K-Series Engines

Maruti Suzuki has always endeavored to introduce the best of technologies and innovations into the automobile market in India. K-series engines are in line with that legacy of excellence, utilizing an innovative design approach to deliver superior refinement and exceptional performance. Counted among the best car engines in India, K-series engines have laid down the marker in terms of what you should expect from a petrol engine. We have pushed the limits to offer a great combination of fuel efficiency & driving performance with the use of cutting edge technology and advanced engineering research & development. It is currently offered in seven different options across Maruti Suzuki’s product lineup: K15C Petrol Engine with Smart Hybrid, K15B Petrol Engine with Smart Hybrid, K15B Petrol Engine with Idle Start Stop, K12M Petrol Engine, K12N Petrol Engine, K10 Petrol Engine and K10 Boosterjet.



Keeping our customers at the center, Maruti Suzuki over the years has continuously endeavored to set new benchmarks of Fuel Efficiency in the entire range of cars. It is this pursuit that fuels our drive to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of technology to ensure reliable, fuel efficient and high-on-performance cars for our customers.




  • K15C Petrol Engine with Smart Hybrid: • Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology
    • Idle Start-Stop function
    • Brake Energy Regeneration
    • Torque Assist functionality
    • Fuel efficiency of 20.51 km/l* (Manual Transmission) and 20.30 km/l* (Automatic Transmission) in Ertiga

    *Smart Hybrid is not available in CNG variants and Brezza manual variants

    Available in: Ertiga, Brezza, XL6 & Grand Vitara
    • Peak Power 75.8kW@6000 rpm

    • Maximum Torque 136.8Nm@4400 rpm

  • K15B Petrol Engine with Smart Hybrid: • Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology
    • Advanced dual battery setup including a Li-ion battery
    • Idle Start-Stop function
    • Brake Energy Regeneration
    • Torque Assist functionality
    • Fuel efficiency of 20.65 km/l* (Manual Transmission) and 20.04 km/l* (Automatic Transmission) in Ciaz

    Available in: Ciaz
    • Peak Power 77kW@6000 rpm

    • Maximum Torque 138Nm@4400 rpm

  • K15B Petrol Engine with Idle Start Stop: • Idle Start-Stop function
    • Built for off-roading
    • Generates strong torque throughout a wide RPM range for unstoppable performance.
    • Fuel efficiency of 16.94 km/l* (Manual Transmission) and 16.39 km/l* (Automatic Transmission) in Jimny

    Available in: Jimny
    • Peak Power 77.1kW@6000 rpm

    • Maximum Torque 134.2@4000 rpm


  • K12M PETROL ENGINE • Variable Valve Timing (VVT)
    • Fuel efficiency of 20.89 km/l* in Ignis

    Available in: Ignis
    • Peak power 61kW@6000rpm

    • Maximum Torque 113Nm@4200rpm

  • K12N PETROL ENGINE • Advanced Dual Jet engine with Dual VVT (Variable Valve Timing) technology
    • First-in-segment idle start-stop (ISS) function
    • Dual-Injector
    • Best in Class Fuel efficiency of 23.56 km/l* (Manual Transmission) and 24.43 km/l* (Auto Gear Shift) in WagonR 1.2L

    Available in: Baleno, WagonR (1.2L) & Fronx
    • Peak power 66kW@6000rpm

    • Maximum Torque 113Nm@4400rpm


  • K10C PETROL ENGINE • Next Gen K Series Dual Jet Engine
    • Dual Variable Valve Timing (VVT)
    • Idle Start stop function
    • Exceptional fuel economy of 26.68 km/l* in Celerio VXi AGS

    Available in: Celerio, WagonR (1L), Alto K-10 & S-Presso
    • Peak power 49kw@5500 rpm

    • Maximum Torque 89nm@3500 rpm

  • K10 Turbo Boosterjet • Direct injection system used makes it more readily combustible, and increases fuel efficiency
    • Greater performance and high torque at low rpms
    • Dynamic performance in every driving situation
    • The engine is coupled with Smart Hybrid Technology

    Available in: Fronx
    • Peak power 73.6kW@5500 rpm

    • Maximum Torque 147.6@4500 rpm

  • *As certified by Test Agency Under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989
  • **Prices shown above are ex-showroom Delhi.
  • ***Accessories and features shown may not be a part of standard equipment.
  • # Please refer product brochure for engine type availability across variants


Model K15C PETROL WITH SMART HYBRID 1.5 L K15B PETROL WITH SMART HYBRID 1.5 L K15B Petrol Engine with Idle Start Stop K12M PETROL 1.2 L K12N PETROL 1.2 L K10C PETROL 1.0L K10 Turbo Boosterjet
XL 6
Alto K-10
Grand Vitara


The K-Series engine lineup by Maruti Suzuki utilises innovative design techniques and promises exceptional and refined performance. The engines are manufactured using advanced engineering research and development and cutting-edge technology to deliver a combination of fuel efficiency and driving performance. The K-Series engine lineup by Maruti Suzuki includes the newly launched K10B (1.0L Turbo Boosterjet), the next-gen dual jet dual VVT K10C, K12M, dual VVT dual injector K12N, the K15B engines and the K15C engines.

Designed with cutting-edge technology, K-Series engines offer a great balance of refinement and performance. That is why Maruti Suzuki cars are reputed for having the best petrol engines. The Smart Hybrid Technology in our petrol engines further enhances fuel efficiency and driving performance. The K-Series engines that come equipped with the Smart Hybrid technology are – K10B 1.0L Boosterjet (available in Fronx), the 1.5L K15C (available in Ertiga, Brezza, XL6 and Grand Vitara), 1.5L K15B Progressive Smart Hybrid (available in Ciaz), K15B with Idle Start-Stop Function (available in Jimny).
The newly developed 1.0 L K10 Turbo Boosterjet Petrol engine is turbocharged and comes with Smart Hybrid Technology for those who seek more power and driving performance along with good fuel efficiency.

There are many advantages of a K-series engine, including:-

  • • Better NVH characteristics
  • • Best-in-class fuel efficiency
  • • Enhanced driving performance
  • • Better thermal efficiency and compression ratio resulting in linear power delivery

Designed using cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering, K-series engines by Maruti Suzuki come with a number of features that help them deliver enhanced performance and fuel efficiency. The top features of K-series engines include:

For Better fuel efficiency:

  • • An innovative all-aluminium design is used that includes rocker-less camshafts and a plastic intake manifold and an offset crank shaft with low tension rings.
  • • The engines deliver better thermal efficiency and compression ratio.
  • • Low friction oils and piston cooling jets that improve the engine life of the K-series by Maruti Suzuki.
  • • The engines also come with dual injectors, dual VVT, higher compression ratio, and cooled EGR.

For Better Performance:

  • • It gets a Smart Distributor Less Ignition (SDLI) system that includes dedicated plug top coils. Advanced injectors that facilitate better atomisation for optimised & uniform combustion.
  • • Improved engine stiffness.
  • • Advanced technologies like a silent timing chain for better NVH performance.
  • • Peppy and crisp throttle response and linear power delivery.


by owners

03 reviews

Jatin Singh

“I recently bought the Vitara Brezza with the 1.5 L K15B engine with Smart Hybrid Technology. It is undoubtedly one of the best petrol engine cars. The car delivers impeccable performance and fuel efficiency.”

Rohit Bansal

“I’m really impressed with the performance of the K12N engine by Maruti Suzuki. My Baleno delivers amazing performance whether I drive it within the city or head out for a road trip.”

Vaishnavi Singh

“Smart Hybrid Technology in the Ertiga works really well in city driving. The 1.5 L engine is powerful, smooth, and efficient. I am very happy with the car.”

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