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8 Monsoon Car Care Tips That Your Car Will Thank You For!

Who doesn’t love enjoying a pleasant drive in the monsoon season? Driving in the rain is quite fun but before you do that, it’s essential to get your car up and ready. Remember, the rain never comes alone; it always brings along wet roads, muddy patches and incessant traffic jams. Furthermore, during the monsoon season, mud, dirt and water start accumulating in all those smaller crevices and gaps in your car and eventually result in rust.

Now that’s something that every car owner would actively avoid. Well, worry not. Here are some very useful monsoon car care tips to keep your car shielded without missing out on that monsoon-fun: -

Enhance the Visibility

When you drive in the rain, visibility gets majorly hampered, and poor visibility is always a risk. So, as soon as the monsoon season starts, make sure that your car’s headlights and tail-lights are in perfect working condition. If not, then replace them with Maruti Suzuki Genuine Headlights and Tail-lights to ensure that you have better visibility of the road.

Another important thing for clear road visibility during the rain is the wiper blades. Make sure that your car’s wiper blades are in working order and do not leave behind any smudges on the windscreen. If they are not working the way they should, then have them replaced with Maruti Suzuki Genuine Wiper Blades immediately.

Check the Brakes

During the rainy season, roads become wet and skiddy. On such roads, car brakes are your saviour. You need a perfectly working braking system in the monsoon more than any other season. It is important to get them checked for any lag or worn-out components before you hit the road for that long drive in the rain, if the brake pads are worn out get them replaced with Maruti Suzuki Genuine Brake Pads. Brake fluids are required for the smooth movement of your car brakes. If your car’s brake fluid needs to be replaced, always use Maruti Suzuki Genuine Brake Fluids as they are responsible for ensuring smooth movement of various components of braking.

Make It Rust-free

During this season, the underbody of your car also gets exposed to water, be it due to rain or water-clogged roads. If left unattended, this can lead to rust formation and then eventually severe damage to the car body. An anti-rust coating can majorly help to prevent that. To lubricate door hinges and prevent them from rusting, you should use a hinge relief wax as a part of monsoon car care.

Use Door Visors

What troubles you the most while enjoying a drive in the rain? That rainwater seeping into the cabin, right? No worries, here is the solution! Maruti Suzuki Genuine door visors are designed to let you roll down the windows and enjoy monsoon while keeping the rainwater out of the car cabin.

Keep It Clean

Now that you’ve made sure that all the parts are working perfectly, it is important to clean the exterior of your car as well. You can use a micro-fibre cloth to clean it and get rid of contaminants and dirt. To clean the windshield, you can use a car shampoo and ensure that the glass has no stains and you are able to see through it clearly.

Change the Cabin Air Filter PM2.5

Your car’s cabin filter blocks dust & pollutants and ensures that you get clean air to breathe inside the car. It is composed of fiber to trap the dust particles and after a prolonged period of use, this filter can get clogged and will start causing issues like poor ventilation, inefficient air conditioning, bad odour etc. When the monsoon season starts, it’s best to get your cabin air filter checked and replaced, if needed. Always choose Maruti Suzuki Genuine Cabin Air Filter PM2.5 for your car.

Disinfect Your Car AC

Your car’s Air Conditioner helps to reduce the humidity level inside the cabin area and prevents the windshield & windows from fogging up. The excessive moisture during the monsoon season can lead to the growth of fungus inside the air conditioning system. To prevent that from happening, using an AC disinfectant is a good idea. To clean the air passage of the AC duct, you can use an AC Evaporator cleaner.

Keep the Car Cabin Fresh

One of the annoying things about driving in the rain is the dampness that finds its way into your car’s cabin. Keep your car interiors smelling fresh, always use a Car Perfume.

When it comes to monsoon car care, preventive maintenance is always the way to go. Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories are specially designed and precision-engineered for each Maruti Suzuki car model to ensure the best possible care for the cars. That is why Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories are always recommended to make your car monsoon-ready since they offer safety, reliability and superior vehicle performance. #ChooseGenuine

Explore the complete range of Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories, find the products you need and order them conveniently from the comfort of your home.

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