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Suzuki Connect – Automotive Telematics that is Redefining Car Ownership

Today, each new upgrade in cars is directed towards making the driving and ownership experience better and more convenient. One such advanced technology that most modern cars are integrated with nowadays is Telematics that enables ‘connected features’. Touted as one of the fastest emerging technologies in India, automotive telematics solutions have made life a lot easier for car owners by helping them keep a track of their cars, navigation, giving updates about the car, and a lot more.

If the 2019 reports are to be stated, the car telematics market in India was expected to exceed $500 million by the end of 2019; the installed base evaluation reported at 0.29 million units, having a penetration rate of approximately 4% in 2019. Adding to this, as per a recently conducted survey, 90% of the car owners preferred buying a vehicle that is equipped with connected car technology with 45% stating its necessity for the safety and security of their vehicles.

Suzuki Connect by Maruti Suzuki

Suzuki Connect is an intelligent automotive telematics solution that keeps you connected with your car, irrespective of your location. It comes with a telematics device for cars that has an integrated Telematic Control Unit (TCU) and GPS receiver. Designed to provide real-time information, driving and performance updates, vehicle location, and so on; Suzuki Connect caters to all the essential needs of car ownership today. All you have to do is download the Maruti Suzuki Connect app on your smartphone; it is available for both Android and iOS.

Benefits of Suzuki Connect App

Maruti Suzuki’s car telematics solution, Suzuki Connect, offers benefits that are simply par excellence. Some of these are: –

• Vehicle Tracking

Being ‘connected with your car’ starts with being able to keep a track of it at all times. With Vehicle Tracking, you can track your car in real-time, share the live location of the car, find it easily in a parking lot with the ‘Navigate to Car’ feature, and even geo-fence and get alerts whenever your car enters or exits those areas.

• Driving Behaviour Analysis

With the help of driving behaviour analysis, you can stay updated about your driving style like how you brake or accelerate, and so on. This enables you to improve your driving while ensuring that fuel efficiency is enhanced through an optimal way of driving. Adding to this, you will also get fuel efficiency reports, trip details, a consolidated trip report for analysing your driving style, driving score, and much more.

• Live Vehicle Status

The Live Vehicle Status of Suzuki Connect automotive telematics solution keeps you up-to-date about your car’s crucial information like key driving parameters, low fuel alert, seatbelt alert, AC idling, battery voltage, and overspeeding alert, to name a few .

• Emergency Alerts

Detecting an emergency and sending an automated message to the user’s family and friends is another benefit that the Suzuki Connect app offers to its drivers. This happens as soon as the airbags are deployed and includes car assistance, preventive functional call, and so on.

Apart from these, live vehicle status, vehicle tracking, GPS tracking for public transport, and insurance incentives are some of the other benefits that the Suzuki Connect telematics device for cars offer.


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