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Suzuki Connect - Here's All That You Need To Know

Telematics in personal mobility has played a significant role in taking the automobile sector into the age of information. In an endeavour to ensure that customers enjoy the best ownership experience, Maruti Suzuki has made its foray into telematics solutions with the launch of Suzuki Connect.

Suzuki Connect allows you to stay “connected” with your car at all times, offering you all the important information you need about your car’s status, and much more. This Telematics Control Unit (TCU) solution has opened up an entirely new world of features and advantages for car owners, offering reassurance and complete peace of mind as far as their cars are concerned.

Features of Suzuki Connect

All Maruti Suzuki cars sold under the NEXA channel can be equipped with Suzuki Connect. You can opt for Suzuki Connect device installation even after the purchase of your NEXA car, from any authorised NEXA dealership near you.

Suzuki Connect includes an Intelligent Telematics Control Unit and a GPS transmitter that use an in- built SIM card for onboard network connectivity and provide the owner with real-time information about their car. You get a number of features with Suzuki Connect, which can be broadly categorised as:

Vehicle Tracking: From tracking real-time location and exploring the ‘Navigate to Car’ feature to setting up geo fence boundaries and tow away alerts; Suzuki Connect ensures you are always aware of where your car is. You can also share your live location with your loved ones for a specific trip or a set time period for everyone’s peace of mind.

Emergency Features: Suzuki Connect is feature-packed with essential functions that can prove to be very useful in an emergency. These include sending an emergency alert to your list of chosen contacts if the car is in a mishap and its airbags are deployed, arranging a call from customer support if an issue is detected, and much more.

Driving Analysis: Suzuki Connect has featuresand tools that analyse your driving habits and trip details to present a holistic picture of your driving behaviour, which can help you drive better and even reduce fuel consumption.

Vehicle Status: Suzuki Connect ensures that you are updated with all the important information about your car with alerts for low fuel, over speeding, driver seatbelt status, and much more.

Cars with Suzuki Connect

Enhance the experience of every ride, download the Suzuki Connect app and experience seamless connectivity with your car at all times! Whether you are about to buy a new car or go for Suzuki Connect device installation after purchasing the car, the TCU solution is compatible with:


• NEXA Baleno
• NEXA Ciaz
• NEXA Ignis
• NEXA S-Cross


Suzuki Connect is an add-on feature, the price of which includes device installation and a 3-year subscription to the service.

How to Use the Suzuki Connect App

Several alerts and status information from Suzuki Connect can be sent to you via SMS. Having said that, the Suzuki Connect app is the best way to harness the full capabilities of this advanced telematics solution.
The Suzuki Connect app is available for both Android and iOS, and can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Downloading the App

• Search for “Suzuki Connect” (Developer: Maruti Suzuki India Limited) and download the app on your phone.

• Even if you had been using Suzuki Connect from your NEXA app, you will first need to sign up on the app and create your account. This will initiate syncing between the Suzuki Connect device that is installed in your car and your phone.

• On clicking the “Sign Up” button, you will be redirected to registration, where you need to enter your mobile number and vehicle registration number or vehicle identification number (VRN or VIN). The mobile number you enter should be the same as the one you registered while buying your car. If you do not know your car’s VRN/VIN, you can click the red icon at the corner, and a pop-up will highlight where you can find these details.

• Before you click the “Request OTP” button, make sure to check the Terms and Conditions box at the bottom of the screen.

• Next, enter the OTP and create a password for your account to complete registration.

• After successful registration, you can now sign in on the app using the credentials.

Using the Suzuki Connect App

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the main homepage of the app, which is the Dashboard. This is where your experience of seamless connectivity with your car begins.

Suzuki Connect has a one-time login which means that unless you manually log out of the app, your account will stay active on the phone.

If you have more than one Suzuki Connect car, you will be able to manage them all using a single account, as long as they are all registered with the same mobile number. The dashboard has a drop- down menu from which you can select which car you want to monitor or get updates for.

The app has a very simple user interface. On the top left corner, you will see the menu sign (three stacked lines, also known as the hamburger), which you can click on and access the many features of Suzuki Connect.

The Menu

Your profile is at the very top of the menu, displaying your profile picture, name, and registered mobile number. Below this is your car details, including the model and registration number. In case you have multiple cars registered on the same number, this section will be the drop-down menu for choosing the car.

Dashboard: This is where you access status and tracking information about your car.
Location Sharing: For a single trip or set time period, you can share your live location with your loved ones.
Geofence: Set up to 5 boundary areas using geo fencing.
Trip Summary: Find details about your trips here.
Driving Behaviour: Reports of your driving analysis.
Alert History: Record of the latest alerts you have been sent.
Manage Alerts: Manage and set alerts and limits for your car.
Emergency Contacts: Create a list of up to 5 contacts who will be alerted in emergency situations.

Download the Suzuki Connect app and discover a completely way to connect with your car!


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