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Suzuki Connect - Inception of New Age Connectivity | Arenaworld

Maruti Suzuki cars come with the latest Suzuki Connect telematics control unit that lets your stay connected to your car while you are driving, and at other times as well for a truly immersive experience. Through Suzuki Connect, you can become part of a better-connected world and stay in touch with your car, its functions and its status at all times, becoming better informed and more aware of your car.

The technology enhances your in-car experience tremendously with new-age connected features that can be simply controlled with a smartphone app. It also provides a sense of safety and reassurance by keeping the owners up to date about their cars.

How it works

Suzuki Connect technology is extremely simple to use. It conveniently uses a smartphone app that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android smartphones, which works in conjunction with an Intelligent TCU, a GPS transmitter and an in-built SIM card in the TCU device. Once installed, the device sends real-time updates, driving feedback, emergency alerts and many other notifications directly to the user to help enhance his/her driving experience.

The TCU based solution is safer, convenient and a simple user interface which makes it easy to understand. The technology shares a range of information with the driver that is important from a safety point of view.

Vehicle Tracking

Always keep a track of your car’s location by accessing real-time updates on your smartphone. You can set a set of boundary areas for your car and receive an alert every time your car crosses this designated boundary for enhanced safety. Suzuki Connect also allows you to locate your car and navigate to where it is parked and track your car’s route and movements for a specified time duration or a trip till the time it safely reaches the destination.

Emergency Alerts

Suzuki Connect offers emergency assistance that automatically calls for help and provides the exact location if it detects the deployment of airbags. In the unfortunate event of any breakdown or if an emergency is detected, it sends an emergency alert to the driver’s family and friends with details about the car’s live situation and location.

Driving Behaviour Analysis

Analyse your driving style and habits through Suzuki Connect’s driving tools and functions to improve your driving behaviour. Save fuel consumption and costs with better driving habits. Get fuel efficiency reports, trip details and driving score to show where you can change or improve your driving while maintaining safety.

Live Vehicle Status

The intelligent technology sends live vehicle status to the driver along with odometer reading, trip On/Off, last trip summary, and manual trip start and stop notifications.

Vehicle Alerts

Get real-time and precise information of the key driving parameters of your car, such as low fuel alert, seat-belt alert, tow-away alert, AC idling alert and more.

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