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S-CNG Technology

Maruti Suzuki S-CNG vehicles are equipped with intelligent injection system. Vehicles are tuned and calibrated to deliver optimum performance and enhanced drivability across all kinds of terrains. The S-CNG technology has managed to set a new benchmark in green fuel mobility. CNG is integrated directly within the vehicle on the factory floor by highly certified engineers. S-CNG vehicles are designed to deliver optimum performance, safety, engine durability, convenience and mileage.


  • *Prices shown above are ex-showroom Delhi.
  • *Accessories and features shown may not be a part of standard equipment.
  • *Test Result of Rule 115 (G) of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

Advantages of S-CNG Technology


  • Intelligent Injection System: Maruti Suzuki S-CNG vehicles are equipped with Intelligent Injection system. They seamlessly communicate with each other to provide an optimum air-fuel ratio during combustion, thereby ensuring better and consistent performance along with high fuel efficiency.
  • Re-tuned Suspension: The chassis, suspension setup and braking system are designed and tuned in the factory to deliver optimum performance across all kinds of terrains.


  • Vehicle Dynamics: Maruti Suzuki S-CNG vehicles are evaluated and tested for crashworthiness and durability with entire CNG System in place.
  • Stainless Steel pipes and joints: Stainless steel pipes & joints provide corrosion resistance and a leak-proof design to the entire CNG structure.
  • Integrated Harness: The wiring harness inside the vehicle is an integrated system which eliminates any chance of short circuits.
  • Micro Switch: All vehicles are equipped with a micro switch which assures that vehicle goes-off and does not start during CNG fuel filling process.


  • Auto-Switch: The change-over switch with auto-mode helps you to easily and instantly switch between CNG and Petrol.
  • Continued Warranty: Enjoy all the benefits of CNG without compromising on your vehicle’s warranty. All warranty benefits are extendable up to 5 years.
  • Service Network: You can get your car serviced at 3500+ Maruti Suzuki authorized service centers with skilled technicians.
  • Fuel level Indicator: Maruti Suzuki S-CNG vehicles come equipped with a precision fuel level indicator which lets you track your vehicle’s fuel level.
  • NGV Receptacle: NGV receptacle is a special nozzle that assists in faster and safer CNG refueling.

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01. General

1. What makes Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars superior to cars with aftermarket CNG kits?

  • S-CNG technology developed by Maruti Suzuki is equipped with an intelligent injection system and has dual interdependent ECUs to ensure optimum air-fuel ratio during combustion. This, coupled with precise tuning, translates to better and more consistent performance along with high fuel efficiency in different driving conditions.

2. How does S-CNG take care of short-circuits and leakage risks?

  • S-CNG technology uses stainless steel pipes & joints to provide a leak-proof design and the integrated wiring harness eliminates any chance of short circuits, thus offering enhanced safety.

3. What convenience features do S-CNG cars come with?

  • Apart from being safer than regular CNG, S-CNG technology offers auto-switch mode to conveniently switch between CNG and petrol with a dedicated fuel level indicator on to odometer. Also, S-CNG cars offer quick refueling over regular CNG cars thanks to the advanced NGV nozzle. And for assured and hassle-free ownership, you can also avail extended warranty of up to 5 years on the entire lineup of S-CNG cars.

4. What are the key mechanical differences that S-CNG cars have over regular petrol cars?

  • S-CNG cars come with intelligent injection system and a specially designed chassis, suspension and braking system for enhanced durability and reliability keeping in mind the additional fuel system. Furthermore, vehicles are tuned and calibrated to deliver optimum performance and enhanced drivability across all kinds of terrains.

5. Which cars from Arena and NEXA come with S-CNG technology?

  • S-CNG cars in the Arena lineup include – S- Presso, Alto, Alto K10, WagonR, Eeco, Swift, Ertiga, Dzire, Celerio and Brezza. While, the S-CNG cars in the NEXA lineup include – Baleno, XL6, and Grand Vitara.


by owners

04 reviews

Naitik Chopra

“Is it worth buying an S-CNG car? Absolutely! I own an Alto LXI S-CNG and I have to say, it was the best decision ever to buy this car. Not only is refuelling much more affordable as compared to other fuels, but it is also much easier. The NGV receptacle is located where the fuel lid is in petrol cars, and you don’t even need to get out of the car or open the hood to refuel. Amazing car!”

Hitakshi Gupta

“I wanted a petrol car with CNG, so I purchased the S-Presso VXI S-CNG. The car is so smooth to drive and extremely comfortable. The S-CNG technology has truly changed the way CNG cars are designed today and makes for a great option for your next car.”

Mitansh Jain

“Buying a car with a company fitted CNG kit is the best option these days if you’re looking for a safe and fuel-efficient vehicle. I recently bought the Celerio VXI S-CNG and I couldn’t be happier. Great fuel economy, comfortable drive, smooth performance – what else can you ask for?”

Jhanvi Kapoor

“I think, today, the Dzire VXI is the best CNG car, with its company fitted kit. The S-CNG technology makes for an amazing option, delivers great mileage, offers convenience, and is safe as well. The car is extremely comfortable, even for long drives, and handles very well.”

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