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Set Aside Your Worries with Suzuki Connect in Your Car | Arenaworld

Technology has become an intrinsic part of mobility these days. From enhancing your car’s safety through a host of active and passive safety features to staying connected while you are on the move, cars today are a lot more advanced thanks to technology.

We lead a connected lifestyle these days so why should our cars be any different? How about being connected to your car and staying updated about it all times? That is exactly what Suzuki Connect does.

Here’s how having Suzuki Connect makes a world of difference when it comes to car ownership: -

Track Your Vehicle’s Live Status

Live Vehicle Location - In the Live Vehicle Location feature, you get real-time updates about where your car is.

Tow away alert - If your ignition is off and your car gets towed away, you’ll get an alert message about it on your smartphone.

Geo-Fencing - With this feature, you can define a perimeter. If your car crosses that boundary, you will get a notification right on your smartphone.

Navigate to your parked car - If you are lost in a huge parking lot and have forgotten where you parked your car, this feature will help you to know the exact location of your parked car using the Suzuki Connect app.

Receive Important Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - If the Suzuki Connect system detects that your car is in an emergency, it will send a text message and an email to all the designated mobile numbers and email IDs with your exact location. When your loved ones are timely informed, they can act accordingly.

Preventive Function Call - This feature comes in handy also in case the system detects an issue. You get a support call for assistance or are redirected to the nearest authorized service centre.

Get Live Updates about Your Car

The last thing you should worry about is the safety of a loved one when he/she is driving the car. That is why using the Suzuki Connect app, you get to know in real-time the fuel level, odometer reading, driver seat belt status, and much more. Thanks to this, you can rest assured.

With plethora of features, Suzuki Connect can transform your car ownership experience and extend a greater sense of assurance at all times.