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How Connected Are You To Your Car? | Arenaworld

We live in a connected world with a plethora of gadgets and technology surrounding us, interconnected and in sync to makes our lives connected and convenient. Such is the level of advancement that we’ve come to expect the same from our cars.

With this need being the focal point nowadays, Maruti Suzuki offers Suzuki Connect, a car Telematics Control Unit (TCU) solution available with Maruti Suzuki cars that lets you stay connected and better aware of your car and how you drive.

Essential to Modern Mobility

Suzuki Connect has an Intelligent TCU, a GPS transmitter and an in-built SIM card, which together work to provide several connected car features in a way that transforms car ownership. Using the Suzuki Connect mobile app which is available on iOS as well as Android, this telematics device for Maruti Suzuki cars offers connected features along with real-time information and ease of connectivity, thus keeping the owners up to date about their cars.

Vehicle Tracking

Stay connected to your car while driving, and when it is parked. The embedded GPS transmitter lets you access the location of your car on your smartphone and allows you to send real-time, automatic location updates to your emergency contacts, ensuring absolute safety.

You can share your live location for a predetermined time, find the location of your car in the parking lot, and get the tow-away alerts on your mobile.

Vehicle Status

The Live Vehicle Status feature keeps alerting the driver about the vehicle status including the average percentage, odometer reading, trip on/off, last trip summary, manual trip start and stop, and more.

Emergency Alerts

Suzuki Connect offers emergency assistance that automatically calls for help and provides the exact location if it detects deployment of airbags. It also sends an emergency alert to the driver’s family and friends with details about the car’s live location.

Inspired by you, Suzuki Connect is here to make your driving experience connected, well-informed, and up-to-date.


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