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Keep Your Car Fit For Monsoon with this Car Care Guide | Arenaworld

Monsoon brings with it refreshing rains and pleasant breeze to cool down the high summer temperatures. But while the rains might make most people happy, they can cause serious issues for your car. Heavy rains can lead to rusting, mechanical issues and even total breakdown.

With the restrictions being gradually eased across the country, you might be required to drive again but it can become quite difficult to drive in the rains. That is why it becomes important to prepare your car for the monsoon, as it can help protect you and your car from the risks involved, and ensure a hassle-free experience during the rainy season.

Here is what you should check to keep your car safe and in perfect running condition during this time: -

1. Tyres & Batteries

Tyres are one of the most important components of a car - they are in constant contact with the road to provide grip and stability to the car. Therefore, the condition of your car tyres needs to be perfect in order to handle excessive wear and tear and the loss of traction on wet roads. Inspect your tyres for wear before the onset of the season. It is vital that the depth of the tyre tread within recommended limit to prevent they might skid on slippery surfaces. If your tyres are worn out, or if you can see tiny cracks on the sidewalls, it’s best to replace them with new tyres.

A working battery is another essential requirement. With constant usage of wipers and lights, it is crucial that your car’s battery is in a well-charged state. If you sense signs like dim lights or car starting issues, you should have your car’s battery checked and replaced beforehand to avoid the risk of breakdown while driving during monsoon.

Check Genuine Tyres and battery from Maruti Suzuki.

2. Wiper Blades & Rain Repellent, Shampoo & Microfiber Cloth,

Taking care of the exterior of the windshield is a common oversight while driving in the rains. Wiper blades will be used regularly over the season and it is vital that they work effectively without leaving behind any smudges, and aren’t broken. Properly functioning wipers are integral to tackle both light and heavy rains and to ensure proper visibility and safety while driving. Rain repellents can be used to ensure Clean, streak-free shine on windshield by repelling the water to improve visibility.

Also, to be able to effectively wash away all the dirt from the windshield for an uninterrupted view, ensure that the washers are spraying properly. Use only a recommended car shampoo for the windshields to prevent damage and for maximum cleaning. You can always use a microfiber cloth to clean finer dust particles and remove stains effectively from your car’s cabin.

Check Genuine Wiper blades, car shampoo, microfiber cloth and Rain repellents from Maruti Suzuki.

3. Brakes and Lights

Wet roads can increase the braking distance of a car. So, along with properly treaded tyres, it is essential that your car’s brakes are in optimum condition. Get the brake pads (disc or drum) and Brake fluids of your car checked. It is also important to have proper visibility during heavy downpours. Carefully check your car’s headlights and tail lights for the spread and throw, since they help the cars in front and behind you to maintain a safe distance while on the move.

4. A/C Evaporator Cleaner, A/C Disinfectant ,Air Filter & Perfumes - interior - Clean and fragrant air

While taking care of the exterior of your car is important during rains, it is equally important to ensure that the interiors remain clean, dry and hygienic. You can create a pleasant atmosphere inside your car using simple accessories, and get rid of any foul or damp smells with the help of proper ventilation. Maruti Suzuki Genuine Perfumes infuse freshness in the car and pleasant surroundings. Using the AC evaporator clears the air passage for the AC duct and ensuring that only the purest air circulates in your car’s cabin. With the PM 2.5 cabin air filter even the tiniest of the particles are filtered out of the air in your car’s cabin. It is recommended to be cleaned or replaced after every season. Bacteria build up is also a common problem, ECTAR AC disinfectant that prevents bacteria build up in the AC ducts to keep the car cabin hygienic.

5. Hinge Relief, Rust Smash

A complete check-up and servicing at the onset of the monsoon season are highly advisable. If you have your car parked during the rains or expect travelling, then keep a check on the to keep a note of the rusting issues. Hinge relief wax lubricates the car’s hinges which are likely to get in contact with water, such as door hinges, boot hinges, etc. and protects them from rust. and ensures pure air circulation inside the car. If your car has already witnessed rusting, you can use Rust Smash to clean the affected area and lubricate it to prevent it from further damage.

Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts & Accessories are manufactured to the highest quality standards and rigorously tested to offer long life and optimal operation. Check out the complete range of Genuine Parts & Accessories here.


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