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K-Series - Petrol Engines That Set the Standard | Arenaworld

Maruti Suzuki drives the nation with some of the most reliable and refined BS6 petrol engines. The K-series petrol engines truly realize the spirit of driving and optimizing engine performance through innovative design techniques.

Proving their mettle as the best petrol engine for cars, K-Series engines provide peppy driving performance and crisp throttle response with linear power delivery, thus delivering an unmatched driving experience both in cities and on highways.

K-series engines are currently offered in four different cubic capacities across the Maruti Suzuki product line-up: -

K10B: A lightweight and refined 1.0 L BS6 compliant petrol engine, with a peak power of 50kW and maximum torque of 90Nm.

K12M: A 1.2 L petrol engine for powerful and exhilarating driving performance, with a peak power output of 61kW and maximum torque of 113Nm.

K12N: Maruti Suzuki 1.2 L dual jet engine with dual VVT and the option to choose from Ideal start/stop function or Smart Hybrid technology.

K15B: A bigger and powerful 1.5 L BS6 petrol engine with superior performance and fuel efficiency. It is available with Smart Hybrid technology in specific models and transmission options.

Advantages of K-series Petrol Engines:

Superior Driving Performance

Maruti Suzuki K-series petrol engines utilise one of the most refined gasoline engine technologies to deliver the ultimate performance. They offer superior NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) performance and improved engine stiffness, for a smooth and relaxing driving experience. The Smart Distributor Less Ignition (SDLI) system employed for superior atomization, provides uniform and optimized combustion for better performance.

Enhanced Reliability

K-series petrol engines have been tested and proven in time to be the best petrol engines by millions of happy customers and rigorous testing of lakhs of Kms. They offer enhanced thermal efficiency and increased compression ratio for efficient conversion of fuel energy. The engine is crafted out from an all-aluminium block and uses advanced low friction oils to further reduce losses and improve the fuel efficiency.

Best-in-class Fuel Efficiency

The engines are also engineered to be some of the most efficient petrol engines in the country, offering high fuel efficiency of up to 24.12 Km/l* in certain AGS variants. Next Generation K-series engine comes with Dual Injectors, Dual VVT, Higher compression ratio, Cooled EGR, all of which supports in enhancing fuel efficiency and performance while lowering vehicular emissions.

*As certified by Test Agency Under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989


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