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Auto Gear Shift Technology: Ruling the Automatic Car Segment in India | Arenaworld

In the bid to offer customers the ease of driving, Maruti Suzuki has launched its range of automatic technologies in India. Our automatic technologies are designed with advanced features and offer numerous benefits that enhance the overall drivability.

Among the three types of automatic transmissions that we offer, our Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology has helped make automatic cars accessible to car buyers. To give you a better understanding of the same, right from how automatic gear works to its benefits; here is what you need to know about AGS technology.

What is Auto Gear Shift Technology?

AGS technology is a futuristic two-pedal technology that enhances the ease of driving. It comes with dual driving modes that allow switching between the manual and automatic transmission option effortlessly. AGS technology offers synchronised control over the engine, clutch, and shifting operation. This translates to smoother gear changes and strong fuel efficiency which is at par with the manual versions.

How does Auto Gear Shift work?

AGS is equipped with an intelligent shift control actuator, which is an electric-hydraulic actuator that performs the clutch and shift operations automatically. The AGS technology is designed with a creep function as well that makes driving easier in traffic congestion. With this, you just have to release your foot off the brake and the car starts moving at slower speeds.

Along with this, it also comes with a kick-down function that makes driving easier on the highways. It automatically lowers the gear to deliver better acceleration while driving on the highway, freeing you from the hassle of changing gears manually. Cars equipped with the AGS technology have better fuel efficiency as well and require lesser maintenance.

Benefits of Auto Gear Shift Technology

Now that you know about this automatic transmission – how it works and so on, here are the key benefits that make AGS technology so preferred in India:

1. It offers drivers superior ease and comfort of driving. The absence of the clutch pedal and no manual shifting operation make the drives effortless.

2. This automatic transmission is tuned according to Indian driving conditions which ensures consistent performance across terrains.

3. Fuel efficiency is a factor that every car owner looks for and cars with AGS technology delivers the best-in-class mileage that amps up the driving performance.

The most well-balanced type of automatic transmission, AGS is making driving easier like never before.

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