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Experience Effortless Driving With Maruti Suzuki Automatic Cars

New-age buyers are switching to automatic cars because they are easy to drive and deliver great fuel efficiency as well. Leading this change is Maruti Suzuki that offers path-breaking automatic transmission technologies that enable clutch free driving. This seamless driving experience backed by utmost comfort makes it easier to drive especially in bumper to bumper traffic.

Automatic Transmissions by Maruti Suzuki

For those wondering “how does an automatic transmission work?”, here’s an explainer on the different automatic transmission technologies offered by Maruti Suzuki: -

1. AGS or Auto Gear Shift: AGS is equipped with an intelligent shift control actuator and an electric-hydraulic actuator that offers electronic gear changes and enables the user to experience the futuristic two-pedal technology. Some of the key benefits of AGS is the availability of a dual driving mode that lets you switch between automatic and manual modes, the Creep function that makes it easy to drive in slow moving traffic, and the Kick-down function for responsive acceleration.

2. AT or Automatic Transmission: Its completely automatic gearbox self changes the gear ratios, thereby freeing the driver from the hassle of manual shifting and providing immense comfort while driving.

Advantages of Going ‘The Automatic Way’

Enhanced Driving comfort

The sheer ease of driving automatic cars is marked by the convenience and comfort on offer. Plus, Maruti Suzuki has made automatic transmissions available across multiple segments, thereby democratizing automatic cars in India.

Strong Fuel Efficiency

Automatic cars by Maruti Suzuki are known to deliver superb fuel efficiency that is at par with or sometimes even better than their manual versions. They are tuned for the Indian driving conditions and optimized to deliver the ideal balance of performance and fuel efficiency.

Versatile Performance

The technology at play in different automatic transmissions by Maruti Suzuki ensures that you get versatile performance to suit different driving terrains and conditions.

Explore the best automatic cars in India and make driving hassle-free with a Maruti Suzuki automatic car!

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