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Auto Gear Shift Technology

The AGS technology was first introduced by Maruti Suzuki in India in 2014. The gear shifts and clutch control are electronically automated without any driver intervention in these automatic cars.

This automatic transmission has an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator which is operated by the Transmission Electronic Controller unit. This system can intelligently assess the dynamic driving conditions and adjusts the automatic gear shifts to deliver optimal driving performance. Since both these components are mounted in the car’s transmission unit, it ensures synchronized control of the clutch and smoother gear shifts. This, in turns, helps AGS deliver improved performance and enhance fuel efficiency.

Auto Gear Shift combines the actuator and controller and directly mounts them in the transmission unit in order to unify the working components. This aids a synchronized control over the clutch, gear shifting and engine. The gear ratio change is achieved at optimal shift point which results in enhanced fuel-efficiency and as the engine always remain in its power band it further increases the vehicle performance.

Auto Gear Shift Technology Cars

  • *Prices shown above are ex-showroom Delhi.
  • *Accessories and features shown may not be a part of standard equipment.

Advantages of Auto Gear Shift Technology


  • AGS transmission is a two pedal-technology that takes away the hassle of manual gear-shifts.
  • The Dual Driving mode in AGS cars provides the flexibility to switch between Automatic and Manual modes.
  • The Creep function in Maruti Suzuki AGS cars makes them easy to drive in slow-moving traffic.


  • The Kick-Down function in AGS automatically lowers the gear to provide better acceleration based on the driver’s inputs.
  • The AGS transmission unit is tuned and optimized to ensure superior performance in different driving conditions.
  • The combination of precise gear shifts and highly responsive engine improves overall drivability.

An Automatic Choice

  • The fuel efficiency of Maruti Suzuki cars with Auto Gear Shift in India is at par with their manual counterparts.
  • Since gear shifts are electronically automated, the change in load is gradual and accurate. This makes Maruti Suzuki AGS cars in India low-maintenance in nature.
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