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All You Need to Know about CVT | Arenaworld

Automatic transmission is the future of mobility not just in India but globally and Maruti Suzuki has always been at the forefront of this change, offering different types of automatic transmission in India that enable clutch and gear free driving across different segments.

The CVT transmission is one such automatic transmission by the brand that is popular owing to its smooth driving performance, great fuel efficiency and comfort it provides while driving.

What is CVT Technology?

CVT, or Continuously Variable Transmission, is a next-generation automatic transmission from Maruti Suzuki that delivers smooth and superior driving performance. It is available in Baleno with Maruti Suzuki’s 1.2 L VVT petrol engine and tuned for Indian driving conditions.

How does a CVT automatic gearbox work?

Unlike a conventional gear system, CVT operates on a unique two-pulley system which ensures a smooth transition in speed throughout the engine’s power band. In fact, the Continuously Variable Transmission is renowned for its seamless operation and extreme driving comfort.

Key Advantages of CVT

Smooth & Comfortable Drive: Since a CVT gear system doesn’t utilize a conventional gearbox, the car picks up speed in a smooth and gradual manner.

Excellent Performance: One of the biggest advantages of the CVT’s two-pulley system is that it allows the car’s engine to run at optimum revolutions per minute throughout the speed range, leading to smooth acceleration.

High Fuel Efficiency: The infinite gear ratios allow the engine to operate in the highest possible efficiency band, further improving the fuel efficiency. The technology has been optimised in line with the Indian driving conditions to offer superior comfort, fuel efficiency as well as driving pleasure with the CVT automatic transmission.

Say yes to effortless driving with CVT by Maruti Suzuki!

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