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Maruti Suzuki AT - Performance Meets Driving Pleasure | Arenaworld

Automatic transmission cars gaining popularity for the simple fact that they are easy and convenient to drive, provide a hassle-free experience in high traffic situations of most modern cities and have improved in performance and fuel efficiency, attracting more and more customers towards them.

The market leader Maruti Suzuki offers three types of automatic transmissions – the easy, affordable and flexible Auto Gear Shift (AGS), Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and the company’s top of the line technology, focused on combining performance and driving pleasure, Automatic Transmission (AT). Maruti Suzuki AT offers some of the best petrol automatics and automatic SUVs on the market.


Maruti Suzuki Automatic Transmission (AT) technology comes with a completely automated gearbox that takes care of the gear shifts without any driver intervention. This makes the AT extremely convenient for users and offers immense comfort, driving pleasure and performance.

The AT technology consists of three main components - torque converter, planetary gear system, and hydraulic controls. It involves the car’s ECU to control a torque converter, which takes care of the gear selection. The gears are selected depending on the load and the speed of the vehicle.

The Torque Converter works as the hydraulic coupling that transfers power from engine to the transmission. The Planetary Gear System helps with modulating speeds to meet the different driving requirements. For seamless gear shifts, every gear ratio in AT gets a dedicated wet clutch system which is operated by the Hydraulic Control System. The technology has been optimized by the company as per the Indian road and traffic conditions to offer a superior engine performance.


No Clutch Operation: The self-changing gear ratios in Maruti Suzuki Automatic Transmission cars ensure a smooth clutch-less driving experience, in diverse driving conditions and make up for excellent drivability.

Unmatched safety: Maruti Suzuki Automatic Transmission cars are equipped with Hill Assist function to help you drive safe and keeps the car steady while stopping on an incline. The Hill Assist function gives you the confidence to move ahead without worrying about the car sliding backwards, resulting in a safe and comfortable drive.

Enhanced Performance & Fuel Efficiency: With Automatic Transmission, you get the all the power you need to take on the road at the tap of the accelerator pedal, without any delays. AT is also tuned and optimized to offer superior fuel efficiency as per the Indian driving conditions.

AT is available with a range of Maruti Suzuki and NEXA cars such as – Ciaz, Ertiga and XL6 and with some of the best automatic SUVs such as Brezza and S-Cross.


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