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AGS – Supremely Versatile, Automatically Convenient | Arenaworld

Automatic cars can make every day driving effortless and convenient. This is especially true in metro cities where traffic congestion is common place. As the country’s largest carmaker, Maruti Suzuki understands this growing need for automatic cars in India and offers a range of automatic transmission technologies, including Auto Gear Shift (AGS) to enhance your driving convenience.

Understanding Auto Gear Shift

AGS is an AMT transmission that comprises of an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator designed to automatically perform clutch and shift operations. Owing to its synchronised control over the clutch, engine, and gear shifts, AGS offers the convenience of an automatic along with fuel efficiency which is at par with the manual versions.


What Makes AGS A Versatile Choice?

Auto Gear Shift by Maruti Suzuki comes with three integral features that add ease to everyday driving. These are: -

Dual-Driving Mode: One of the key features of  AGS cars  is that it gives you the flexibility to switch between manual and automatic modes as per your preference. For greater convenience while driving in the city, you have the automatic mode. And, for times when you want to take control of the gear shifts, you can simply switch to the manual mode with a simple shift of the gear lever.

Creep Function: Traffic congestion can make driving in the city a cumbersome affair. However, with the Creep Function in Auto Gear Shift technology, this is well taken care of. All you need to do is release the brake and the car starts to move at slow speeds without pressing the accelerator.

Kick-Down Function: The Kick-Down Function in AGS gets to work when you have to accelerate. Based on your accelerator input, it automatically lowers the gear to give you better acceleration, making it ideal for overtakes and driving on the highway.

Accessible, fuel-efficient and optimized for Indian driving conditions, AGS has revolutionized what it means to own an automatic car in India. The fact that Maruti Suzuki AGS cars have already crossed the 5.5 Lakh sales milestone in India is a telling testament to this belief.


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