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4 Things You Should Know About BS6 | Arenaworld

We have been hearing about BS6 for quite some time now. But before going in-depth on the topic, it is important to understand why BS6 is important? In the year 2000, the Bharat Stage Emission Standards) were launched in India for the first time. This was done to keep a check on the air pollutants released by automobiles. At gradual intervals over the years, stricter emission norms have been introduced for controlling the ever-increasing air pollution in India.

Fast forward to now, and you’ll see that the vehicles plying in India at the moment are engineered to adhere to BS4 norms. The Indian Government has announced adherence to stricter emission norms starting 1st April 2020, and the entire automobile industry in India will shift to BS6

1. What’s the objective of BS6?

The Indian Government has mandated PAN India implementation of the BS6 emission norms from 1st April 2020 for all the vehicles. It applies to both petrol as well as the diesel engines. That means you won’t be able to register a BS4 car starting 1st April 2020; only BS6 cars will be registered.

The implementation of these norms will also bring the emission norms in India at par with the US and the European countries.

India has decided to take the leap from BS4 to BS6 for many reasons, key among which is the degrading air quality in the cities. The emission of NOx, Particular matter and NMHC (Non-methane Hydrocarbons) emissions are taking a toll on the health of the citizens in the country and with introduction of BS6, these will be substantially reduced.

2. What will go into upgrading the cars to BS6?

With the introduction of BS6, there will be a need for upgrading the engines with new technologies to meet the BS6 emission norms. Maruti Suzuki has become the first OEM to bring seven BS6 compliant vehicles much ahead of the statutory timelines.

3. What would be the fuel grades after the implementation of BS6?

With the introduction of the latest emission norms, the fuel grade will be updated as well.

Does that mean that I can’t drive my BS6 car on BS4 fuel?

Maruti Suzuki BS6 cars are engineered to work with BS4 fuel without any effect on vehicle performance and engine life. At the same time, Maruti Suzuki has extensively tested the BS6 petrol cars with BS4 fuel without any operational concern.

4. And finally, what are the benefits of moving to BS6?

The transition from BS4 to BS6 will bring along a lot of important benefits. These include: -

• Reducing NOx emissions by 25% in petrol cars

• Upgraded engine control software for even more precise fuel injection control for cleaner emission control.