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Smart Hybrid: A Smart Choice | Arenaworld

Smart Hybrid Technology

Consumer preference is continuously changing towards environment friendly and technologically advanced automobiles. In such a scenario Smart Hybrid technology presents an exciting choice to the consumers.

Smart Hybrid technology

Smart Hybrid technology, launched by Maruti Suzuki in the Ciaz in 2015, has been engineered to complement the highly fuel-efficient engines in its vehicles, and help customers enjoy less emission drives. Smart Hybrid technology works with both manual and automatic transmissions with equal efficiency.

The Smart Hybrid utilizes the Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and dual-battery setup. The ISG takes the place of a conventional alternator and includes a motor function, which supplements the engine’s power. It improves overall efficiency and lowers the emissions too. Combined with the dual battery setup, the Smart Hybrid technology allows for automatic Start/Stop functionality. This goes on to lighten the load on the engine by shutting off the engine when at standstill and results in higher fuel savings.

What makes up a Smart Hybrid?

• Integrated Starter Generator (ISG)
The ISG used in place of a conventional alternator, is responsible for starting the engine and also supplementing the engine’s power. It reposes energy during deceleration or braking, thus replenishing the battery without requiring any external power source.

• Dual-battery setup
Smart Hybrid technology is unique in being the only hybrid technology to utilize a dual-battery setup. A lead acid battery and a lithium-ion battery, effectively increases the efficiency and application of the Smart Hybrid technology.

Key features of Smart Hybrid technology

• Torque Assist
The ‘motor’ function of the ISG uses the energy stored in the advanced dual battery system to supplement the engine’s power during acceleration. In doing so, the Smart Hybrid technology reduces the load on the engine, thereby increasing fuel efficiency and lowering emissions.

• Automatic Start/Stop
The automatic start/stop function of Smart Hybrid turns off the engine automatically when the car is idle. It restarts the car as soon as the clutch is pressed. To re-start the engine, the system uses the stored energy from the dual battery setup. Restart is by belt driven ISG thereby assuring quick and silent restart.

• Energy Regeneration
The ISG converts the energy from braking/deceleration of the car and stores in the advanced dual battery system. The regenerated energy is used to restart the engine, power the auxiliary systems and torque assist during acceleration.

Advantage of Smart Hybrid technology

Currently available across Ciaz, Ertiga, Baleno, S-Cross and XL6, Maruti Suzuki's Smart Hybrid technology provides an empowered driving experience to customers enhancing the fuel efficiency and promotes the eco-friendliness as well.

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