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Future Forward with Smart Hybrid | Arenaworld

SHVS - Smart Hybrid

Awareness towards minimising our effect on the environment is on the rise. We at Maruti Suzuki are committed towards creating innovative technologies which contribute towards creating a greener, and more sustainable future. Technologies like S-CNG and Smart Hybrid lead to lowered emissions, as well as increasing efficiency.

Smart Hybrid is an advanced mild-hybrid technology that utilises a combination of an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) and advanced dual-battery systems. The high capacity batteries capture the energy generated during deceleration and braking and store it in the dual battery system and assist the engine's idle stop-start and the torque assist functions. This not only helps save fuel, but also supports the engine in providing optimal acceleration and performance.

Going Green

With the Smart Hybrid system, you’re making a difference even when stuck in traffic. The idle stop-start system automatically shuts off the engine when the car comes to a standstill and restarts* it instantly when you need to get going again. So, in effect it helps you conserve fuel that you would have normally burnt while idling. This results in less emission, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect and consequently helps reduce global warming.

It’s really smart

The best part is that the Smart Hybrid system keeps the air-conditioning blower, infotainment and other auxiliary systems running even while the engine is temporarily stopped. This is achieved by means of the advanced dual battery system The Smart Hybrid system reacts in milliseconds, so you get moving exactly when you want. With just a simple press on the clutch the integrated starter generator (ISG), starts the engine quicker and more efficiently.

Adding up to make a difference

Technology like Smart Hybrid economises & reduces fuel consumption, which over longer periods of time results in significant savings in terms of fuel expenses. In effect, you also help in reducing air pollution, so the air that future generations breathe will be cleaner. All these savings add up in the larger scheme of things.

Maruti Suzuki’s Smart Hybrid is an innovative technology that improves an already good driving experience, and improves efficiency and cuts emissions at the same time. With Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to offering cutting-edge technology at great value, Smart Hybrid equipped cars are the obvious choices when it comes to being future-ready and future-friendly.

*Conditions to be satisfied for start-stop functionality – optimal charge in battery, fastened seat belt and closed driver’s door, car at standstill, in neutral with clutch released.

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