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Smart Hybrid: Efficient, Great To Drive and Better For the Environment | Arenaworld

Being the largest car manufacturer in India, Maruti Suzuki is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that are paving the future of mobility. In line with its commitment, we introduced the Next Generation Smart Hybrid Technology that enriches every drive!

Smart Hybrid technology is a critical leap as India contribute towards cleaner and greener mobility and empowers Maruti Suzuki to offer some of the most economical hybrid cars. What adds to this sustainable way of mobility is the excellent drivability and enhanced fuel efficiency that comes along with it.

How Does It Work?

Smart hybrid vehicles sold in India by Maruti Suzuki deliver enhanced driving performance in both manual and automatic variants. The system is made up of an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and a dual battery set up (one Li-Ion and One Lead-Acid) that saves energy while decelerating/braking. The belt-driven ISG replaces the conventional alternator that is used to start the car’s engine. It has a motor function that supplements the engine’s power output and reduces its overall load. The energy is stored in an advanced high capacity battery system that assists during acceleration and allows uninterrupted functioning of other car electronics. Together, this combination results in a peppy, powerful & fuel-efficient driving experience.

Functionally Advanced

Smart Hybrid technology comes along with a lot of functions that make it tick. These include: -

1. Idle Stop Start: This function automatically turns off the engine when the vehicle stops moving to save fuel and restarts as soon as the clutch is pressed. The belt-driven ISG quickly and silently restarts the engine, utilizing the energy that is stored in the advanced dual battery setup.

2. Torque Assist: The motor functioning of the ISG belt, as explained earlier, utilizes the energy stored in the advanced dual battery system to supplement the engine's power during acceleration. The battery also supplies power to electrical components, such as electronic engine components, gauges and the infotainment system.

3. Brake Energy Regeneration: The ISG converts the energy from braking/deceleration and stores it in an advanced dual battery system. This stored energy is later used by ISG for Idle Stop Start and Torque Assist functions.

With a wide list of hybrid cars in India, Maruti Suzuki is driving the change. Let your mobility not only be easy and convenient for you but also for the environment around you. Make the switch to Smart Hybrid.

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