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Rewinding History - When Did Cars Start Going Hybrid? | Arenaworld

Technologies that enable smarter and cleaner mobility have played an important role in how cars have evolved over the years. One such technology is hybrid engines. From Then To Now

Let’s start from the origin. The beginning of hybrid technologies was witnessed at the start of 1900s. It was in the year 1903 that a company called the Krieger Company created an automobile that had a gasoline engine supplemented battery pack. Around that time itself, a Belgian company by the name Pieper created a vehicle that had an electric motor and a gasoline engine. This electric motor charged batteries that provided a boost to the gas engines on steep hills. While there was inquisitiveness about how hybrid cars work, the technology itself had very few takers.

In the late sixties, more and more people were angered to see the pollution caused by their vehicles. But, no real progress was seen until the 90s. It was around this time that the people became more tensed about the rising fuel prices. However, the technology started to progress as well. The first mass-production hybrid car was sold in the US.

Fast forward to the present, hybrid cars now find favour with a lot of car buyers who are conscious about the environment. Besides being environmentally friendly, hybrid cars also help enhance fuel efficiency and performance, making them a great choice.

Smart Hybrid technology by Maruti Suzuki

Smart Hybrid is an automotive technology by Maruti Suzuki which has an Integrated Starter Generator (that replaces the conventional alternator) and a dual battery setup. The high capacity batteries can store the energy produced by regenerative braking to help in Idle Stop Start and Torque assist functions offered by Smart Hybrid technology.

In Idle Stop Start, the engine automatically turns off when the car is in idle and at standstill. As soon as the clutch is depressed, the ISG’s motor function restarts the engine. In the Torque Assist function, ISG supplements the engine during acceleration when fuel-consumption is higher. Both of these functions help improve fuel efficiency and enhance the overall driving performance.

Built to usher in an era of cleaner and greener mobility, Maruti Suzuki’s Smart Hybrid technology is the smarter way to drive!


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