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Enjoy the fuel options as per your need - True people technology. | Arenaworld

Is driving a car defined by its performance, fuel efficiency, convenience, or something else? At Maruti Suzuki, we believe it is all of this and more – it is about the way it performs as well as how it cares for the environment because that’s where mobility is headed and where we all need to be.

K-Series Petrol Engines

Maruti Suzuki has long been known for producing some of the best petrol car engines in India. The K-series line-up of petrol engines have continuously evolved to offer responsive driving experience, superior NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) performance, and the best-in-class fuel efficiency to car buyers.

Satiating your love for driving, K-series engines bring a spark of excitement in your daily drives, providing peppy performance and crisp throttle response with linear power delivery. Whether you are on the move in the city, cruising on the highways or traversing hilly areas - the sheer finesse with which these engines perform is bound to draw your trust and admiration. They help you realize the true spirit of driving through a combination of innovative design techniques and optimized engine performance.

Efficient in nature

K-series engines are some of the most efficient petrol engines in the country, offering impressive mileage and the flexibility to couple with Smart Hybrid technology. These engines have enhanced thermal efficiency and increased compression ratio which ensures efficient conversion of fuel energy. Additionally, the engine block is made from aluminium and loss-proof materials which further improve fuel efficiency and performance while lowering vehicular emissions.

S-CNG Technology

Pioneering factory-fitted CNG cars in the country, Maruti Suzuki cars with S-CNG technology are some of the best company-fitted CNG cars in India. S-CNG technology comprises of an Intelligent Injection system that interacts with dual interdependent ECUs to provide optimum air-fuel ratio during combustion. This results in consistent performance and improved fuel efficiency.

Safety and reliability of S-CNG cars are taken care of by a leak-proof design for the entire CNG structure, integrated harness, specially tuned chassis, suspension and braking system; and a micro-switch along with NGV receptacle for safer and faster CNG refilling. These are features that have been integrated to ensure your convenience is well taken care of.

Therefore, if you are looking for a CNG car to make your life easy and save on fuel costs, then Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars with K-series petrol engines are hands down the best CNG cars to buy which come with a country-wide authorized service centre network and continued car warranty.

For greater practicality and ease of daily usage, Maruti Suzuki has developed these innovative technologies to reduce your carbon footprint and make your life easy, one drive at a time.


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