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Connected cars for connected world | Arenaworld

Suzuki Connect - Connected cars

Suzuki Connect enhances the Maruti Suzuki ownership experience

Why are connected technologies important in today’s cars?
For today’s connected generation, having information at their fingertips is not just natural, it’s expected. Staying connected at all times provides reassurance, be it in terms of safety, or just in the power that knowledge brings.

While the world around is connected, when it comes to your car the same was not true. Maruti Suzuki understood this gap and has engineered the perfect solution for the integration of the car and technology, called ‘Suzuki Connect’. This advanced telematics tool uses technology to empower vehicle owners by keeping them connected to their cars even when they’re away from it.

What is Suzuki Connect?
Suzuki Connect is an embedded Telematics Control Unit (TCU) solution developed in India to meet growing customer expectations of a connected lifestyle. Once fitted, Suzuki Connect provides near real time information about the vehicle’s location, driving diagnostics and performance. All this is achievable with a simple smartphone app, available on both Android and iOS.

It utilises innovative telematics, via on-board diagnostics, GPS transmitter and an in-built SIM card, to remotely deliver vehicle information to the owner. With new-age connected technologies, this information is synchronised with the app installed in the owner’s phone, in real time. The notifications can be delivered via SMS as well. This real time transfer of information allows the user to contact the service centres for basic queries regarding their vehicles. Moreover, it also enhances the safety and security of the vehicle as well as the occupants.

Why choose Suzuki Connect?
Suzuki Connect brings along a host of benefits to the customers. Along with enhanced safety, it also offers peace-of-mind, convenience and helps customer to be a better driver. The hardware is placed out of sight and hardwired into the vehicle, eliminating the possibility of being tampered with.

Some of the key features of Suzuki Connect are:

Live-vehicle tracking
With the on-board GPS comes additional security and convenience, as the owner can track their vehicle in real-time, find the car in a parking spot, enable Tow away alert, or even share the live location for a predetermined period of time. Moreover, it can provide alerts for when the vehicle crosses a user-defined Geofence area, or speed.

Emergency alerts
Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is designed to detect an emergency situation in case of airbag deployment and automatically sends an emergency alert to the user’s family/friends, along with information like GPS coordinates and vehicle details. With Preventive functional call, if the system detects an issue with the car, the customer receives a call by the customer care and is offered immediate assistance including location of the nearest service station or towing facility, if required.

Live Vehicle status
Users are provided with information like fuel level, over-speeding alert and if the car is on a trip they can check driver seat belt status, AC status among others.

Driving behaviour
Suzuki Connect provides an analysis of driving attributes, such as acceleration, braking, speed and trip time, and presents it as a cumulative score, to provide motivation to improve efficiency and drive better and safer.

How Can You Get Suzuki Connect?
Suzuki Connect is available at a unit price of just Rs 9,999, which covers the hardware, connectivity charges and access to all the functions and benefits. It is valid for a period of three years. At the end of which, the service can be utilised by paying nominal data usage charges. Visit the nearest NEXA dealership or Service Station to get the device installed in the car.

For today’s connected world Suzuki Connect is the perfect solution to experience empowered driving and enhances their lifestyle. It is currently available for all NEXA cars and will soon be rolled out to ARENA channel.

For more information on Suzuki Connect, visit

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