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Answering your Auto Gear Shift (AGS) Queries | Arenaworld

Maruti Suzuki introduced the Auto Gear Shift to Indian car buyers in 2014 with Maruti Suzuki Celerio. Since then, AGS has made its way into 7 more models in the Maruti Suzuki line-up. Even more importantly, it has made automatic cars accessible to a bigger segment of car buyers.

However, there are many who still have their doubts about AGS. In this blog, we answer some of those frequently asked questions that will give you a clearer picture of this automatic transmission technology.

Q1. Should I buy an AGS car? What are the pros of buying an AGS car?

A1. AGS is a 2-pedal –technology which can be a lifesaver in your daily commuting through heavy traffic. An AGS car is convenient to drive, easy to maintain, and fuel-efficient. So, if you are planning on buying a new car it will be wise to go for one that has AGS transmission. Here are some points that can help you in deciding:

• Maintenance of the car is one factor that everybody keeps in mind while buying a car. But Maruti Suzuki AGS technology keeps the maintenance costs low for the car buyers. The AGS transmission is designed and optimized by Maruti Suzuki to perform well in the Indian driving conditions.
  • AGS comes with features like Creep function for driving in slow-moving traffic, Kick-down function for better acceleration when needed, and Dual Driving mode to seamlessly shift between Automatic and Manual modes; this makes AGS quite a well-rounded automatic transmission.  

Q2. How is a car with AGS easy to drive?

A2. Maruti Suzuki cars equipped with AGS comprise an intelligent shift control actuator that takes care of gear shift operations making all the drives effortless. At the same time, AGS transmission is tuned and optimized to deliver high fuel efficiency which will see you through in long runs.

Q3. What makes AGS a good choice?

A3. If you need a car that has high fuel efficiency, performance and provides effortless driving experience then you should go for an AGS car.

Q4. Can an AGS car give me a good fuel economy?

A4. One of the main reasons that reduce the fuel economy of a car is the regular engagement of clutch while driving. In some cases, the driver keeps the clutch partially engaged while driving in heavy traffic. This keeps the clutch engaged and that becomes a major factor in higher fuel consumption. In a car with AGS technology, you get to enjoy the 2-pedal technology which firstly takes away the stress of repeatedly engaging the clutch and secondly, it optimizes gear shifts which happen electronically.  As a result, AGS cars are capable of delivering fuel-efficiency figures which are on par with the manual variants.

Q5. What is different in AGS as compared to other automatic transmissions?

A5. AGS is an automatic transmission that brings together the advantages of manual and automatic transmissions. Here is what makes AGS different from other transmissions:
• With the Dual Driving Mode feature, AGS gives you the flexibility to switch between Automatic and Manual modes with a simple shift of the gear lever.
  • AGS can intelligently assess dynamic driving conditions and instantaneously provide optimum power and torque for a better driving experience.
• AGS provides enhanced comfort and ease of driving especially in heavy traffic. 

To know more about Auto Gear Shift and the Maruti Suzuki cars that come with AGS, click here.

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