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Answering your CVT Queries

Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT is a type of automatic transmission that is popular owing to its smooth driving performance, great fuel efficiency and the comfort it provides while driving. But there are still many who shy away from buying a CVT car due to many unanswered questions and unsolved doubts. Here in this blog, we are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions so that you get a clearer picture of this automatic transmission technology.

• What makes the CVT different from other automatic transmissions available in the market?

Well, CVT is unique in the sense that it doesn’t have conventional gears. Instead, there are two pulleys of variable diameter connected by a belt. This enables the engine to stay in the optimum power band and achieve multiple speed ratios. On the driving front, that means the speed transitions are smooth and gradual, which, in turn, enhances the driving comfort.

• What makes the CVT so smooth?

Owing to how CVT works, the flow of power from the engine to the wheels is continuous. As a result, the car is able to build up speed in a gradual and smooth manner. All of this combines to make a CVT car quite smooth to drive in traffic as well as on the highway.

• Can a car with CVT be driven in the hills?

Cars equipped with the CVT system come with an L (Low Mode) in which the transmission does not upshift. What it does, instead, is maintain a lower speed ratio to offer more power and torque which makes driving uphill easier. And when you are driving downhill, this mode provides the necessary engine braking so that you have greater control on the car.

• Can I get good fuel economy from a CVT car?

Yes, indeed. Since the belt can move in small steps over the pulleys within a CVT transmission, it can achieve multiple speed ratios. As a result, the engine can operate in the highest possible efficiency band at any given point in time and deliver great fuel efficiency.

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