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Understand How Crumple Zones Work in Case of a Collision

A great driving experience is important but being safe while driving is absolutely indispensable. At Maruti Suzuki, we understand this which is why our core focus is on designing, developing, and manufacturing cars that are safe, reliable, and well-engineered without any compromise on performance.

The starting point of building safe cars starts with the platform that underpins them and this is where our HEARTECT platform comes to the fore. This new generation platform has an optimized structure design which has been achieved through advanced simulation techniques, value analysis and engineering, and extensive physical validation and testing.

The Crumple Zone & Safe Zone Approach

The HEARTECT platform employs Ultra and Advanced High Tensile Steels (UHSS and AHSS) and has a smooth and continuous frame design that follows a Crumple Zone and Safe Zone approach. The material composition makes the platform highly rigid to enhance safety.

In event of a collision, these crumple zones are structural segments that effectively absorb and disperse the impact of the collision to keep the occupants within the cabin safe. The well-designed crumple zones in the front and rear end of the Maruti Suzuki vehicles absorb the crash impact while the safe zone remains undamaged, preventing any oncoming impacts on the passenger compartment.

The HEARTECT platform has been extensively tested and validated for offset, side and passenger compliance, thereby adding to your peace of mind while driving.

Focused on All-Round Safety

At Maruti Suzuki, we believe it is integral to look at car safety as a whole, which is why the HEARTECT Platform in Maruti Suzuki is fortified by an array of active and passive safety features, including ESP*, ABS with EBD, dual front airbags as standard, and many more. We are committed to making mobility safer through innovation.


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