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Petrol or Diesel Car? Make the Right Choice. | Arenaworld

The price difference between petrol and diesel plays a big factor for customers when buying a car in India. Naturally, lower fuel prices plus higher fuel efficiencies mean lower running costs and an overall reduction in expenses related to the car, right?

Our Petrol vs Diesel Calculator has a different take on it.

The best way to solve the debate about which car is best, petrol or diesel, is to find the answer on your own. Maruti Suzuki empowers you to understand the reality of the price difference between diesel and petrol cars using this smart and innovative online cost calculator.

How to use the calculator?

The online car cost calculator takes in user-specific parameters such as cost of the car (of a diesel car you might consider as an alternative), car finance cost if you choose to take one and running costs based on the user’s daily usage and fuel prices. It also takes in details of the user’s state and city of residence.

After taking all this data into account, the calculator helps the user decide between a petrol and a diesel car. It does not just tell the user the cost difference between buying a petrol and diesel car but also the number of kilometres and time it will take to recover the additional cost that he/she might pay upfront for a diesel car. The calculator shows which car is best - petrol or diesel, as per your requirements and in most cases, it busts the myths you believe in when it comes to petrol vs diesel cars.

Why use the calculator?

While there might not be a big price difference between petrol and diesel cost, there is certainly a big price gap between the buying cost of diesel cars vis-à-vis petrol cars. Many a time, this premium that people pay upfront is not recovered during the ownership of the car. That’s because many people tend to overestimate their requirements or just overlook facts while making a buying decision.

For an average car user, it may take over 10 years and sometimes even more to break even with the premium paid at the time of buying the car, which is a very long period of time. Also, the registration formalities are getting strict for diesel vehicles day by day. In certain states, diesel cars are valid to run only for 10 years.

This online car cost calculator aims to give users a clear idea about the overall expenses involved while buying a car and which one between petrol and diesel is the right fit for their use.

So, the next time you find yourself in a situation asking yourself should I buy a diesel or petrol car, do check for yourself using our calculator and make the right decision.