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Maintaining Your S-CNG Car: A Handy Guide | Arenaworld

CNG cars are one of the best ways to ensure green mobility as they reduce emissions of harmful gases by a considerable amount, are price-friendly, and safer.

Revolutionizing the way people look at CNG cars, Maruti Suzuki offers S-CNG technology that delivers consistent driving performance. Every S-CNG car is equipped with an intelligent injection system and dual interdependent ECUs, and the kits are integrated directly into the car on the factory floors, making the vehicles safer, reliable, and more durable.

Easy Tips to Maintain Your S-CNG Car

Coming to the maintenance of Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars, here are a few factors that you must take care of: –

1. Periodic Inspection of the Tank

The tank is one of the most vital components of the S-CNG kit. They are designed for safe fuel compression that further helps in withstanding jolts and vibrations when you drive. You must inspect the S-CNG tank periodically for any damages like a bulge or a dent, any possible leaks, and so on. This will help in maintaining the kit easily and shield it from any major damage. In case the kit has any leaks, don’t try to run the car on petrol. Instead, get in touch with the nearest Maruti Suzuki service centre to get it rectified.

2. Keep a Check on the Spark Plugs

Another tip to maintain your S-CNG vehicle is to keep a check on the spark plugs. Generally, in the case of a CNG kit, the spark plug tends to wear out faster. Hence, S-CNG car owners must clean the spark plugs periodically and replace them whenever needed.

3. Get the Car Serviced

Never skip on the periodic service of your S-CNG car. Moreover, you must get your car serviced from an authorized Maruti Suzuki authorized service centre where you’ll have expert technicians working on your car, Maruti Suzuki Genuine parts that need periodic replacement, and high quality car service.

Having a well-maintained car ensures consistent driving performance and peace of mind.

Looking to buy a CNG car? Well, we have a diverse list of S-CNG vehicles available to choose from.


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