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6 Reasons That Make S-CNG Cars Worth The Wait

Maruti Suzuki has changed the way Indian car buyers choose CNG cars. Its factory-fitted S-CNG technology brings with it unmatched ease, safety and reliability; thus making it vastly superior to retro-fitted CNG kits. It is engineered to ensure maximum savings without compromising on safety and performance. It’s with good reason that Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars are among the best CNG cars in India.

Here’s what makes the S-CNG cars worth all the wait: -

1. More Secure

The first question that probably comes to anyone’s mind when considering CNG cars in India - are CNG cars safe? The answer is a resounding yes. Extreme care and caution are taken to ensure that every S-CNG car meets the highest safety standards. Maruti Suzuki S-CNG vehicles are evaluated and tested for crashworthiness and durability with the entire CNG setup in place. The CNG structure has a leak-proof design, and the wiring harness is integrated to eliminate any risks of short circuits.

2. Assembled on the Production Line

The S-CNG kit is integrated directly within the vehicle on the factory floor by highly certified engineers, ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality standards. As a result, there are no installation or operational risks as opposed to retrofitted CNG kits.

3. More Savings

Choosing S-CNG technology over the regular CNG lets you save more. You not only get superior fuel efficiency with every drive but also enjoy continued brand warranty and low cost of running. If you are worried about how long do CNG engines last, then rest assured as the engine life and durability is also increased since all the major components are designed specifically for running on CNG. Along with all this, you have the advantage of the extensive service network from Maruti Suzuki which translates to big savings for you every month.

4. Improved Performance

The chassis, suspension setup and braking system are calibrated to ensure it works seamlessly with the CNG structure. S-CNG cars are tuned to deliver optimum performance and enhanced drivability across different terrains.

5. Easy Transition

If you are worried about how you’ll be able to switch between CNG and petrol safely, then S-CNG technology takes care of that as well. The change-over switch with auto-mode included within the setup work instantaneously so that the switch from petrol to CNG and vice-versa is seamless.

6. Safer Refuelling

S-CNG technology makes use of a special nozzle, the NGV receptacle, which assists in faster and safer CNG refuelling. There’s also a micro-switch that prevents the car from accidentally starting up at the time of the CNG fuel filling process.

On the whole, S-CNG technology has set a new benchmark in green mobility while ensuring safety, savings and performance when you choose any S-CNG car. Delivering a reliable and safe driving experience, S-CNG technology is available with - Alto, Eeco, Ertiga, S-Presso, and WagonR.


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