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ISG - At the Heart of Smart Hybrid Technology | Arenaworld

The need for environmentally friendly yet technologically advanced cars is becoming more and more prominent nowadays. The efforts we’ll put today will benefit the generations of tomorrow.

At Maruti Suzuki, we are committed to delivering cleaner and greener mobility while offering the best of everything to our customers. Smart Hybrid technology is an important step in this mission of ours.


Smart Hybrid Technology was introduced in India with the launch of the Ciaz by Maruti Suzuki in 2015. Engineered to deliver better fuel efficiency and enhanced driving performance, Smart Hybrid cars in India are the best example of a progressive step forward. And there’s a key component that’s bringing it all together – the Integrated Starter Generator (ISG).

Get To Know ISG

At the heart of Maruti Suzuki Smart Hybrid cars in India , ISG replaces a conventional alternator in the setup as it has multiple roles to play from switching off / starting the engine, assisting the engine during acceleration and recharging the dual battery setup. Let’s understand it in detail.

The Many Roles of ISG in Smart Hybrid Technology

ISG has a vital role to play in how the Smart Hybrid technology functions, which is why it finds it way in some of the best hybrid cars in India, including the likes of Baleno, Ciaz, Ertiga, S-Cross, Vitara Brezza and XL6. Here is what it does: -

Brake Energy Regeneration: Here, the ISG converts the kinetic energy produced from braking and deceleration into electrical energy, and then stores it in the dual battery setup. This energy is utilized to restart the engine as well as in torque-assist during acceleration.

Idle Stop-Start Function: This feature helps in automatically turning off the engine when the engine is in idle. The belt-driven ISG helps in a quicker and silent restart of the engine once the clutch is pressed. This helps in preserving fuel at traffic lights and in slow-moving traffic.

Torque Assist Function: In this, the energy that is stored in the dual battery system is used by the ‘motor’ function of the ISG to supplement the engine’s power during acceleration. As a result, the load on the engine is reduced when the car is picking up speed.

The benefits offered by Smart Hybrid cars in India are practical in everyday use. It is a small yet significant transition that bodes well for the future of green mobility.

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