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How to maintain your factory-fitted s-cng car? | Arenaworld

Maintain CNG Car

Maruti Suzuki S-CNG Technology has set new benchmarks in green mobility. The cars are specifically designed for CNG system. Maruti Suzuki is the first manufacturer in India to introduce factory-fitted CNG Technology. While CNG cars are gaining popularity, it is imperative to know a few tips that will help you to maintain your S-CNG vehicle better and help you drive miles, without even worrying about performance and durability.

1. Switch to the Petrol Mode to turn on the ignition always

Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars are programmed to start in petrol mode and automatically switch to CNG based on engine temperature. This lubricates the engine and minimizes the wear and tear. However, at any point, one is free to manually switch to petrol as per requirement, but it is recommended to drive initially in petrol and keep the vehicle in Auto Mode for it to automatically switch to CNG mode. It is advisable not to press the accelerator pedal while changing the mode manually from petrol to CNG.

2. Get your car serviced at regular intervals

Regular servicing is critical for all cars. Spark plugs in CNG vehicles should be cleaned and checked every 20,000 kms or 12 months. Perishable parts like air filters are used more while driving car in CNG mode, so make sure to pay your service station a visit as per the service schedule. The CNG cylinder should be checked every three (3) years from the date of last testing / retesting of cylinder by government authorised CNG cylinder testing agency.
All Maruti Suzuki cars come with warranty benefits that are extendable up to 5 years. The vast network of 3,500 service stations across the country makes regular servicing convenient.

3. Trust ONLY a specialist

Make sure that your CNG car is in the hands of a trained expert at a Maruti Suzuki authorized service centre always. The neighbourhood garage mechanic may cost less, but it exposes your car to the risk of increased engine vibration or irregular acceleration.

4. Listen to your vehicle:

Every Maruti Suzuki S-CNG car comes with a CNG malfunction Warning Lamp in the dashboard.

  • • If CNG malfunction warning lamp glows continuously with ignition "ON", there is some problem with the CNG system
  • • If CNG malfunction warning lamp blinks while the engine is running, it means there is some error in the CNG system in which vehicle cannot continue running on CNG and will automatically switchover to petrol mode

In both situations, it is recommended to have your vehicle checked at a Maruti Suzuki authorized workshop.

5. Safety Precautions

  • • If any service or body repair is to be carried out, turn the manual shut off valve on CNG cylinder valve to close position prior to commencement of the repair work
  • • Switch "OFF" engine while fuel filling. All S-CNG vehicles are equipped with a micro switch, which assures that vehicle goes-off and does not start during CNG fuel filling process
  • • After refuelling CNG, ensure that the fuel filler lid is closed
  • • Do not change/modify the configuration, settings or the components from CNG system
  • • Never install LPG or any other gas cylinder in place of CNG cylinder
  • • Avoid carrying inflammable material near the CNG cylinder
  • • Do not fill any other type of gas other than CNG

By following these simple and essential tips, you can be assured of durability and excellent performance from your S-CNG car. The most important take away is to have regular service at an authorized service centre. Knowing your vehicle is in safe hands will always give you confidence and peace of mind.

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