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Maruti Suzuki Factory-fitted S-CNG cars | Arenaworld

The call for cleaner and greener mobility is the call of the hour as more and more people become aware of the impact of pollution on the environment. As the leader in the passenger car segment in India, Maruti Suzuki is answering that call with its range of S-CNG cars.

S-CNG cars, like petrol and diesel cars, have been designed and developed from the ground up to ensure improved performance, enhanced safety, and unmatched convenience.

The Integration of S-CNG Technology

The trend that has been inherent in CNG cars till date has been about people buying petrol cars and then visiting either local mechanics or authorised CNG centres to get CNG kits fitted into their cars. However, with S-CNG technology, the CNG kit is integrated into the car right on the factory floor and is built up along with the car. This offers a sturdier integration of the technology into the mainframe of the car.

Benefits offered by S-CNG technology

There are many factors that make S-CNG technology by Maruti Suzuki superior. These include: -


S-CNG cars are equipped with an Intelligent Injection System with Dual Interdependent ECUs. Thanks to this setup, you get optimum performance across different driving terrains.


Integrated from the ground up, S-CNG cars comprise of stainless steel pipes with patented Ferrule joints that are corrosion resistant and leak proof. Moreover, the wiring harnesses are integrated in such a way that risks of short-circuits are completely eliminated.


S-CNG cars have a Change Over Switch with Auto Mode that allows you to switch between CNG and petrol as per your driving convenience.


Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars offer best-in-class mileage. Here are the respective mileage figures of the many S-CNG cars offered by Maruti Suzuki: -

Alto – 32.99 km/kg*

Alto K10 – 32.26 km/kg*

WagonR – 33.54 km/kg*

Celerio – 31.76 km/kg*

Ertiga – 26.20 km/kg*

*As certified by Test Agency under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989


Owing to the fact that S-CNG cars are built on the factory floor itself, the manufacturing process involves high-quality standards and utilises the most advanced components which work together to maximise the overall lifespan of your car’s engine. This includes specially developed valve seats in cylinder heads and specially designed suspension, chassis, braking system, and body framework.

S-CNG technology by Maruti Suzuki is, without a doubt, the technology of today for cleaner and greener mobility.

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