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8 terms to know before buying a S-CNG car | Arenaworld

CNG cars find a lot of mass appeal as a greener alternative to gasoline cars. Generally, there are two types of CNG kits available – aftermarket and factory-fitted. Over the years, many car buyers have opted for aftermarket CNG kits only to realize why factory-fitted CNG is better. Maruti Suzuki, as India’s largest carmaker, has set the marker with its range of S-CNG cars that are manufactured from the ground up. S-CNG cars are tested for durability, safety and efficiency, making them the all-round superior option.

Are you too planning to buy a S-CNG car? If yes, then get acquainted with these 8 important terms: -

1. Company-fitted CNG kits

Also referred to as ‘factory fitted CNG kits”, company-fitted CNG kits are installed on the manufacturing line itself. Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars ensure improved performance, enhanced safety and unmatched convenience.  

2. Dual Interdependent ECU with Intelligent Injection System

The Dual Interdependent ECU with Intelligent Injection System seamlessly communicates with both the petrol and CNG injection systems, translating to much better and more consistent performance while also ensuring high fuel efficiency.

3. Vehicle Dynamics

If you want your CNG car to offer consistent performance on different terrains, you would need a chassis, braking system and suspension that have been designed to work with the factory-fitted CNG setup in place. In Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars, components like the chassis, braking system and the suspension setup are calibrated on the factory floor itself to ensure the right vehicle dynamics.

4. Stainless Steel pipes and joints

To ensure that the CNG system in a car doesn’t leak or corrode, Maruti Suzuki utilizes stainless steel pipes with patented ferrule joints that provide a leak-proof and corrosion-resistant design for the CNG setup.

5. Integrated Harness

To eliminate the risks of short circuits in S-CNG cars, an integrated wiring harness system is installed.  

6. Micro Switch

It can be very dangerous if the car was to be started during the CNG fuel filling process. To avoid that from ever happening, S-CNG cars by Maruti Suzuki have a micro-switch in place. 

7. Auto-Switch

An Auto Switch ensures that you can switch between CNG and petrol while driving the car if there’s a need for it. The Auto-Switch in Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG range of cars offers an auto-mode that helps you with instantly and easily switching between CNG and petrol.

8. NGV Receptacle

Refuelling at a CNG fuel station can be extremely time-taking and even tedious sometimes, but what if that the refuelling time were to become faster? That’s precisely why Maruti Suzuki has pioneered a nozzle that assists with safer and faster refuelling of CNG. Known as the NGV receptacle, this special nozzle is there in every S-CNG car. 

Having set a new benchmark in green fuel mobility, S-CNG cars by Maruti Suzuki have been engineered for engine durability, performance, fuel-efficiency, and easy maintenance that’s backed by the biggest service network in India. The choice is clear, isn’t it?! 

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