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HEARTECT Platform: Your Car's Safety Shield

Safety is one of the most important aspects of driving a car. While road safety depends on how carefully you drive; the car’s safety depends on the features that it is equipped with. As far as the vehicle’s platform is concerned, the important factors which come into play include how well the car absorbs sudden impact, dispersion of crash energy and the ability to reduce the impact of the crash on the passengers.

Bringing HEARTECT to The Fore

Maruti Suzuki has always developed cars that offer not just great performance and reliability but safety too. In the bid to keep that commitment intact, Maruti Suzuki has developed the HEARTECT platform. A key initiative in automotive safety, it absorbs the impact and evenly disperses the force, allowing for better passenger safety. Its crumple zones are designed in such a way that when a collision occurs; they distort and absorb the crash energy, thereby reducing the impact. The new-generation HEARTECT platform by Maruti Suzuki has an ideal framework that increases rigidity as well as improves the driving dynamics.

Advantages of the HEARTECT Platform

Increased Safety:

Maruti Suzuki’s HEARTECT platform is equipped with ‘Ultra High Tensile Steel’ (UHSS) and ‘Advanced High Tensile Steel’ (AHSS) and has lesser joint points for withstanding the crash force effectively, thereby ensuring enhanced safety of the passengers.

Enhanced Drivability:

The platform has a smooth and consistent design that helps in better absorption of the impact while ensuring higher stability and control for enhanced drivability and fuel-efficiency. In addition to this, the HEARTECT platform has better NVH and improved body stiffness that allows for better drive and handling, and increased power-to-weight ratio that amps up the driving performance.

Extensively Tested:

The HEARTECT platform undergoes a rigorous quality check and is validated for side, offset, and passenger compliance. At the same time, it is extensively tested for durability and robustness for your peace of mind in the long run.

With technologically advanced design, enhanced safety, and efficiency - Maruti Suzuki’s HEARTECT platform elevates your driving experience, taking it up a level higher.


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