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HEARTECT – Delivering Performance, Enhancing Safety | Arenaworld

Maruti Suzuki has always ensured to offer cars that are equipped with path-breaking technologies, state-of-the-art features, and unparalleled safety. The design and development of the HEARTECT platform is a key step towards making Maruti Suzuki cars safer.

HEARTECT Platform: An Overview

HEARTECT platform works as a safety shield for your car. The platform is designed to absorb the impact of any crash and disperse the force evenly, which allows for enhanced safety of both the driver as well as the passengers. This framework enhances rigidity as well as driving dynamics.

The safety offered by HEARTECT platform is based on the Crumple Zone and Safe Zone approach. Here, the crumple zones in the front and rear get deformed to absorb the crash energy while the Safe Zone remains intact to ensure passenger safety.

What is the HEARTECT Platform Made Of?

The question ‘is the HEARTECT platform safe’ often comes to the mind of customers who are new to the term or to automotive safety for that matter. Clearing that doubt, we can assure that the platform is high on safety! It is equipped with ‘Ultra High Tensile Steel’ (UHSS) and ‘Advanced High Tensile Steel’ (AHSS) that can withstand the crash force much more effectively. Adding to this, the platform is designed with lesser joint points that make way for efficient dispersion of collision energy.

Driving Cars Built on HEARTECT

The HEARTECT platform undergoes crash tests and rigorous quality checks. These tests are done for side, offside, and passenger compliance as well as checked for durability and robustness.

Other than offering excellent safety, the HEARTECT platform also offers enhanced drivability. Owing to the way it is designed, it enables better stability and improved control. Other features of the HEARTECT platform include: -

- Better NVH

- Improved body stiffness

- Increased power-to-weight ratio

The HEARTECT platform takes care of your safety on the move, ensuring that you drive ahead with complete assurance and peace of mind.