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Debunking Myths about S-CNG Technology | Arenaworld

There will always be a debate around which car is better – CNG or petrol. In the last few years, CNG cars have gained a lot of popularity. Earlier, people used to opt for CNG cars for inexpensive running costs and enhanced mileage. Fast forward to the present and you’ll see that CNG vehicles have now become an important part of the movement towards sustainability and green mobility. CNG is a sulphur- and lead-free fuel that helps reduce the amounts of harmful emissions that a vehicle generates.

The Rising Popularity of CNG Cars

Recognising the advantages of shifting to alternative eco-friendly fuels, governments all over the world started working on strengthening their existing CNG infrastructure, which has subsequently resulted in a steady rise in the popularity of CNG cars among car buyers.

However, it was Maruti Suzuki that introduced the technology that would be the game-changer for green mobility. Prior to that, the only option was to go for aftermarket CNG kits offered by non-OEM companies and dealerships.

Here is how S-CNG enables Maruti Suzuki to offer the best CNG cars with company-fitted kits: -

More about S-CNG Technology

In every S-CNG car by Maruti Suzuki, the CNG kit is integrated into the cars from the ground up right on the manufacturing floor. This is done by trained and certified engineers who install the CNG kit into the cars ensuring seamless performance.

S-CNG technology includes an Intelligent Injection System that ensures an optimum air-fuel ratio for consistent driving performance. What enhances the safety quotient is the leak-proof design and integrated wiring harness to eliminate any risks of short circuits. Also equipped with a number of features that offer greater convenience to car owners, S-CNG cars by Maruti Suzuki offer tremendous value for the price with its company-fitted CNG kit.

In terms of the advantages, S-CNG cars are:

• Eco-friendly
• Offer excellent mileage
• Include a company-fitted CNG kit that ensures seamless integration of the technology
• Calibrated and designed for enhanced drivability on CNG
• Designed to offer complete safety
• Equipped with an Integrated harness eliminates chances of short circuits,
• Offered with a micro switch makes sure the car is off and stays off during refuelling.

Most Common Myths that Surround CNG Cars

Wondering about “which is the best CNG car that I can buy?” but holding back because of the things you have heard about CNG cars? It is time to debunk such myths surrounding CNG cars so that the world can move forward on the path to green mobility.

1. Myth - CNG Cars are Unsafe

Once upon a time, the only option you had if you wanted a CNG car was to get an unauthorised after-market CNG kit fitted into your car, which made the entire setup a risk from the word go. But now, you have the choice to choose from a range of the best CNG cars with company-fitted kits with Maruti Suzuki which have stainless steel pipes in the structure, leak-proof design, and seamless integration of which guarantees complete safety.

2. Myth – There is a Very Limited Range of CNG Cars Available

Another myth that may have been the case in earlier times, this does not hold anymore. In a bid to meet the consistently rising demands of car buyers in recent years, Maruti Suzuki’s range of S-CNG cars include Alto, Celerio, Eeco, Ertiga, S-Presso and WagonR. Talk about having choices!

3. Myth - Requires High Maintenance

The fact is that the best CNG cars which come with company-fitted CNG kits are as simple to maintain as any petrol or diesel car. All they need is regular maintenance to ensure they keep running smoothly. Also, as there is no benzene or lead content in CNG and as it is non-corrosive, it helps enhance the longevity of spark plugs.

S-CNG Technology hasn’t just marked the evolution of CNG cars in India; over the years, it has completely transformed the landscape of the automobile industry and its progress towards green mobility. Let’s embrace CNG for sustainability and the greater good of the environment.