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Automotive Technology That Keeps You Safe and Well-Informed | Arenaworld

The importance of having safer cars is growing by the day, and this is where advanced engineering and modern technology have a big say. In fact, this convergence is reshaping how car safety should be looked at. Understanding what modern car buyers expect, we, at Maruti Suzuki, have transformed the way we ensure safety in cars. Let’s dive in and see how.

Enhanced Protection of HEARTECT

A new-generation platform developed by Maruti Suzuki, HEARTECT has been built keeping in mind the safety guidelines defined by the Indian Government.

This car platform makes use of Ultra and Advanced High Tensile Steels (U & AHSS) which are over 300% stronger than automotive grade steel – this increases the frame’s rigidity. In terms of structure, the HEARTECT platform has a smooth continuous design for better impact absorption in case of a collision. The HEARTECT platform crash test highlights the Crumple Zone and Safe Zone approach which keeps the passengers safe.

Further, this platform has been rigorously tested and validated for offset/side and pedestrian protection to not just ensure peace of mind for the buyers but safety and durability in the long run.

Staying Connected with Suzuki Connect

The safety assurance of HEARTECT is further augmented by Suzuki Connect, an inbuilt telematics system in Maruti Suzuki cars which makes your car ownership experience safer and connected.

The technology comprises of a telematics unit in the car, a GPS transmitter and an in-built SIM card which together work to provide several connected car features.

Once fitted, Suzuki Connect uses a simple smartphone app that keeps you in touch with your vehicle at all times, allowing you to be better informed about it. The extensive list of features includes live vehicle location, vehicle tracking, driving and performance updates, emergency alerts, vehicle notifications and more.

Maruti Suzuki’s pursuit of building the safest cars in India is driven not just by the modern-day road conditions but also what car owners have come to expect of safety. We define it as ‘People Technology’ which is also the core thought behind HEARTECT and Suzuki Connect; two automotive technologies that work seamlessly together to keep you safe on the move.