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Answering Your Queries - HEARTECT Platform

Since its inception, Maruti Suzuki has always endeavoured to deliver the best innovations in its car. With a belief that safer cars are a necessity for Indian roads, Maruti Suzuki had launched HEARTECT, the next-generation platform that is designed with a core focus on safety.

In this blog, we answer 4 of the most frequently asked questions about the HEARTECT Platform.

Q 1. What is the HEARTECT Platform?

The HEARTECT Platform, which is now available in 8 models by Maruti Suzuki, is a new generation platform that has been designed with Ultra and Advanced High Tensile Steels. With a smooth and continuous design, the platform offers better impact absorption as well as greater rigidity and stability.

Q2. What are the best features of the HEARTECT Platform?

The key features of HEARTECT Platform include: -

⦁ Uniform crash absorption

⦁ Designed with Crumple Zones to effectively absorb the crash energy and Safe Zone to protects the occupants

⦁ Increased rigidity and strength

⦁ Reduced noise vibration harshness of the vehicle

Q3. What benefits does the HEARTECT Platform offer?

With a focus on offering the best in safety to all customers, Maruti Suzuki’s HEARTECT Platform offers the following benefits: -

⦁ Enhanced Safety: The platform has been designed with Ultra and Advanced High Tensile Steels (UHSS & AHSS) and has a smooth continuous frame. In the case of a collision, this frame allows for the uniform absorption and distribution of impact energy across the structure of the vehicle to ensure safety for the people inside the car.

⦁ Better Drivability: The HEARTECT Platform has better NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) levels, higher power-to-weight ratio, and improved body stiffness for better ride and handling, resulting in enhanced driving experience.

⦁ Complete Peace of Mind: The HEARTECT Platform has undergone extensive tests and has been validated for offset, side and passenger compliance as well as durability.

The HEARTECT Platform by Maruti Suzuki offers the perfect amalgamation of stability and safety, making it a great choice for car owners.


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