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All You Need To Know About Maruti Suzuki's HEARTECT Platform | Arenaworld

Adhering to the strict safety regulations mandated by the Indian Government, Maruti Suzuki focuses on building safer and better performing cars that set benchmarks in their respective segments.

Now, there are certain parameters on which the safety of a car is measured, including how it absorbs a collision impact. The HEARTECT Platform by Maruti Suzuki is built in such a way that upon impact, the force absorbed and then distributed uniformly throughout the frame. This ensures that passengers in the car’s cabin are safe. There is an extensive line-up of 9 Maruti Suzuki models that are underpinned by the fifth-generation HEARTECT platform.

Key Features of the HEARTECT Platform

⦁ Enhanced Safety

Cars that are built on the Maruti Suzuki HEARTECT platform follow the Crumple Zone and Safe Zone approach. The Crumple Zones at the front and rear absorb the impact energy from the collision while the Safe Zone i.e. the passenger cabin keeps the occupants safe.

Furthermore, the HEARTECT platform uses the UHSS (Ultra high-strength steel) and AHSS (Advanced High-strength steel) which is more than 300% stronger when compared to any standard automotive-grade steel. In the event of a collision, the HEARTECT’s smooth and continuous frame design aids uniform absorption and distribution of the impact energy.

⦁ Improved NVH Levels

NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) characteristics are important for modern car buyers who appreciate silent cabins. The HEARTECT platform excels here as well, offering improved NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) levels that elevate the driving experience.

⦁ Offers Better Driving Dynamics

Thanks to increased body stiffness and a better power to weight ratio, the ride and handling as well as the driving performance of Maruti Suzuki cars based on the HEARTECT platform are superior

Through strategic product development and innovative design technique, the HEARTECT platform achieves the right balance between safety, NVH and overall driving performance. The fact that it is extensively tested and validated for offset, side and passenger protection lets you drive with complete assurance on the road.


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