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What HEARTECT means for you | Arenaworld

Safer HEARTECT platform

New-generation HEARTECT platform makes your Maruti Suzuki car safer, better to drive and more efficient

Is safety a priority for you?
Without a doubt, your answer will be a resounding yes. However, most car-buyers end up looking at a car’s safety characteristics after how it looks, what features it has, how much it costs, and how fuel efficient it is.

Sounds familiar?
In the overall scheme of the car-buying process, safety does end up taking a backseat, without you even realising it. This is why we at Maruti Suzuki have put safety right at the top of our priority list, so you can rest easy knowing we have you covered. That’s also why we set up the country’s largest R&D centre, with the only full-fledged, in-house crash test facility in the country.

From high speed testing to braking and everything in between, every aspect of our cars in any situation, has been engineered to provide a stable, and safe, experience to meet the highest standards.

How safe is the HEARTECT platform?
The latest HEARTECT platform represents the results of our continuous research and development into making Maruti Suzuki vehicles the safest cars on the road. At the foundation of our approach to safety, the biggest innovations come from the core structure of our cars.

With the use of high tensile steel, HEARTECT has been designed with a smooth, continuous frame so as to better disperse energy forces from a crash, through the chassis and away from the passenger cell to keep you safe. The body of the car is designed with crumple zones that absorb the impact and lessen the force of impact transferred to the passengers inside the high-strength cabin. Coupled with the host of active safety systems such as airbags installed as standard in all Maruti Suzuki cars, you and your loved ones stay safe and sound inside.

The HEARTECT advantage
In our continuous endeavour to create safe and reliable cars, our engineers have also been able to develop the HEARTECT platform to offer greater rigidity, stability and control to the driver, all while transferring less noise and vibrations into the cabin. Our engineers through extensive research have found that heavier doesn’t necessarily translate to safer. Extensive use of advanced high-tensile strength steels, which are lighter and stronger than regular steel, help us make cars which are more robust, yet not weighed down by their structure. This results in better performance, as well as exceptional efficiency.

Maruti Suzuki puts you first
Maruti Suzuki continues to lead the way in understanding the driving behaviour and needs of the Indian customer. With the HEARTECT platform, our cars are safe, offer good driving dynamics and exceptional efficiency - all the aspects that are important for you.

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