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Ushering in an Automatic Revolution Advanced CVT technology from Maruti Suzuki. | Arenaworld

Advanced Cvt Technology

Automation has been the one constant that has helped speed up processes and improve our quality of life. It’s a fact that’s true in the world of automobiles as well. In the world of cars, CVT has revolutionized the way the automatics are perceived. This technology provides superior performance and smoother drives to the discerning automobile enthusiast who does not want to compromise on the drive performance.

Maruti Suzuki has always been at the forefront of the Indian automotive market and offers advanced automatic transmissions for their range of cars; to match the customer expectations and to empower their driving experiences.

What is CVT Technology?

CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. This technology does not make use of conventional gear system. Instead, it has two pulleys with variable diameter that are connected by a belt or a chain. The pulley system is at the heart of the CVT technology that provides smoothness in the drive.

How CVT Works?

Continuously Variable Transmission is controlled and operated by the Transmission Electronic Controller Unit. The unit operates the cone-pulley system to achieve the desired multiple speed ratios. The vehicle speed variation to meet varied driving requirement is achieved using a Cone pulley pair & belt system. The two cones are mounted on parallel shafts and a belt runs over the two conical surfaces. The location of belt on the two pulleys provides a speed ratio between the two pulleys. The Transmission electronic controller unit operates the hydraulic system, which controls the motion of one pulley to achieve the required speed ratio. The flow of power from engine to wheels is continuous, uninterrupted and speed change is managed by the cone-pulley position change which is gradual and smooth.

Benefits of CVT Technology

The CVT allows the car’s engine to run at the most efficient revolutions per minute for a range of different vehicle speeds leading to smooth acceleration. And because the belt can move over pulley in small steps it can achieve infinite gear ratios, thus allowing the engine to operate in highest possible efficiency band. This results in improved vehicle fuel economy.

Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan has developed this technology to equip its cars which are sold globally. Maruti Suzuki has optimized the transmission and engine performance in line with the Indian driving conditions to offer immense comfort, fuel efficiency and driving pleasure to the consumers and is currently being offered in Baleno.

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