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Car buyers are now looking for convenience in everyday driving. When you factor in how time-consuming daily commutes can be and the stress that comes along with driving in traffic, the growing preference for automatic transmission becomes understandable.

You might not be able to change the crowded situation of the cities but switching to an automatic transmission car can ensure hassle-free and comfortable driving through the traffic. Cars equipped with automatic transmission save the effort of changing gears and reduce fatigue while driving in stop-and-go traffic.

If you too are planning to switch to a car with automatic transmission but are skeptical about taking the leap because of the myths associated with it, this blog will help clear the air.

Myth 1

Cars with Automatic Transmission are not fuel-efficient

Many car buyers believe that cars with automatic transmission are not very fuel-efficient. Maruti Suzuki offers 3 technologies - Auto Gear Shift (AGS), Automatic Transmission (AT), and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT); each of these transmission technologies is tuned for Indian driving conditions to deliver the right combination of performance and fuel-efficiency.

Myth 2

Cars with automatic transmission are difficult to drive in hilly areas

This is one myth that many people fall prey to, but it is not true. Maruti Suzuki cars with automatic transmission are tested for dynamic driving conditions to make sure that the owner faces no problem while driving.


The AGS technology pioneered by Maruti Suzuki provides superior drivability and driving dynamics. It comes with a Kick Down function that automatically lowers the gear to provide more torque and power when driving on inclines.


This automatic transmission technology provides immense comfort and optimum performance to the driver. Maruti Suzuki cars equipped with AT have a Hill Assist function. When a car stops on an incline, this feature ensures that the car doesn’t slide backwards when you are accelerating to move uphill. Couple this with the responsive performance of AT, and you have a combination that makes driving easier in hilly areas.


The L mode in CVT stands for “low gear” mode. In this mode, the transmission does not upshift by itself. Instead, it keeps running at a lower speed ratio to provide more power and torque when driving uphill. At the same time, L mode also provides engine braking while going downhill. This balance makes CVT ideal for driving in the hills.

Myth 3

Cars with automatic transmission have high maintenance costs

This is another myth because of which car buyers shy away from buying an automatic transmission. Be it AGS, AT or CVT, these transmission technologies have been optimized by Maruti Suzuki to suit Indian driving conditions. Both durability and reliability have been well-taken care of so that owners do not have to worry about high maintenance costs in the long run.

Now that the myths have been busted, we would recommend you to know more about these three automatic transmission technologies that Maruti Suzuki has on offer. click do that.

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