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Smartplay: Redefining Convenience On the Move | Arenaworld

Digital media has made it easier for us to stay connected; that is what we seek while driving as well. Today, the importance of having an in-car infotainment system has become more essential than ever. After all, it helps you stay connected and entertained while on the move.

Smartplay Infotainment System by Maruti Suzuki

Integrated with top-notch entertainment features, the smartplay infotainment system allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle and cloud-based services, giving you a delightful driving experience.

Here’s an overview of each system that the Smartplay Infotainment consists of: -

1. Smartplay Studio

Car owners always look forward to an in-car infotainment system that is in sync with modern driving needs. That’s SmartPlay Studio for you, a new-age infotainment system that comes with a host of features like: -

⦁ Smartphone Linkage: Available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it helps you stay connected while driving.

⦁ Vehicle Alerts: From seat belt alert to parking assistance, it gives you all the vital information about your car and its performance.

⦁ Smartplay Remote: This feature allows your smartphone to act as a remote control so that the system can be operated by the co-passengers as well.

2. Smartplay Audio

A cloud-connected system that offers easy access to media, the Smartplay Audio is a touch-screen infotainment system that is designed to make your in-car entertainment even more enjoyable. It comes with: -

⦁ Suzuki Remote Control App: Using this, you can convert your smartphone into a remote control to switch between media sources or simply control the volume.

⦁ Intuitive Playback Management: This allows the centre of the screen to launch a quick selection of your favourites with just a tap.

⦁ Smartphone Display on Head Unit: From missed calls to network reception, the screen displays all the information along with offering a call switching functionality. Before you use this, you need to pair your smartphone to Smartplay Audio via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay (whichever is applicable)

3. Smartplay Dock

The Smartplay Dock enables your smartphone to function as a touch interface. It has a specially designed dock that can be mounted on top of the existing head unit. With its intuitive design and simple gestures, it lets you do more with your smartphone! The Smartplay Dock comes with features like: -

⦁ Smartplay Assist: This gives live data about the fuel economy and driving range, assisting you to stay updated about your car.

⦁ Voice Command: Whether you need to call or just navigate, say the word and the Smartplay Dock will do the rest.

⦁ Safety: Smartplay Dock notifies you about various important alerts like low fuel, parking brake engaged, and so on, allowing you to drive safely.

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