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The 3 S of Maruti Suzuki’s Infotainment System | Arenaworld

Driving today is as much about convenience as it is about performance and safety. We live in a connected world and the same extends to when we drive. That is why an in-car infotainment system has become more crucial than ever – it helps keep you entertained, connected on the move, and most importantly, focused on the road ahead. Smartplay by Maruti Suzuki is designed keeping all this in mind; it is built to elevate your driving experience.

Get To Know Smartplay

The smartplay infotainment system by Maruti Suzuki helps in connecting your smartphone to your vehicle and cloud-based services. It is integrated with top-notch entertainment features like voice recognition and onboard navigation, among others.

Let’s get to know each of them better: -

⦁ SmartPlay Studio

A new-age infotainment system, Smartplay Studio is a smart approach to in-car entertainment which car owners always look forward to. With the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this infotainment system helps you stay connected on the go. It connects the car to the cloud and offers multiple media support, navigation, and connectivity features. Designed with top-class features, this touch screen infotainment system doesn’t just enhance in-car entertainment, but it also keeps you informed about the car’s status through vehicle alerts.

⦁ Smartplay Dock

Enabling your smartphone to function as a touch interface to access calls, music, navigation, and much more, the Smartplay Dock gives you in-car entertainment at your fingertips. It uses a specially designed dock which can be set up on top of the existing head unit. Once that is done, you can mount your smartphone on it, allowing you to access all the information safely. Adding to this, it has a very intuitive design and easy-to-use gestures, which helps in minimizing distractions and making the operation convenient and safer for drivers.

Watch this simple tutorial video to install Smartplay Dock: -

⦁ Smartplay Audio

Smartplay Audio is a quintessential part of the infotainment experience which Smartplay provides. It is a cloud-connected system that offers onboard navigation, voice recognition, easy access to media, intuitive playback management, and multi-source selection are some of the features that make this touch screen infotainment system delightful. And with the Suzuki Remote Control app, your smartphone doubles up as a remote to operate Smartplay in your car.

Change the way you see in-car infotainment!

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