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Performance, Safety and Savings come Home with Maruti Suzuki Factory-Fitted S-CNG Cars | Arenaworld

Maruti Suzuki has always contributed towards the advancement of the automotive industry that makes the driving experience better for drivers. Keeping up with the same, we have come up with the S-CNG Technology that is equipped with an intelligent injection system that allows for an optimum air-fuel ratio during combustion. The S-CNG kits are integrated into the car on the factory floor that makes the kits much safer.

Why Opt for S-CNG Fitted Cars?

In terms of performance, safety, or savings - the factory-fitted S-CNG kits offer you complete peace of mind, which is why they are the best CNG cars in India. Thanks to Maruti Suzuki’s extensive line-up of S-CNG cars, you also have more flexibility in terms of choices.

Here are the key benefits that this automotive technology offers: -

• It comes with an NGV receptacle, a special nozzle which helps in safer and faster refuelling of the CNG.

• The factory-fitted S-CNG kit is also equipped with a CNG fuel level indicator that allows the drivers to keep a track of the fuel level.

• All the S-CNG fitted vehicles are equipped with a micro switch that ensures that the engine turns off during the refuelling process and doesn’t turn on till the refuelling is done.

• The kit is designed with stainless steel pipes and joints that offer a leak-proof structure to the kit. Further, the wiring harness is integrated to eliminate the risk of short circuits.

• It also comes with an auto-switch that helps drivers to instantly and conveniently switch between CNG and Petrol.

S-CNG cars come with warranty benefits that can be extended up to five years. With the S-CNG technology onboard, it is not about which is better, CNG or Petrol; but how the two fuel options work seamlessly to deliver exceptional drivability and fuel efficiency.

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