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Make the SMART choice with Maruti Suzuki SCNG | Arenaworld

Compressed Natural Gas, popularly known as CNG, is one of the best fuels when it comes to green mobility. CNG powered cars are environmentally friendly which is why they are also known as ‘green fuel’. At Maruti Suzuki, we believe in offering customers cutting-edge technology that makes the driving experience better.

Our S-CNG car models which are equipped with S-CNG technology are designed to offer supreme performance across all kinds of terrains. Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars are priced quite competitively and offer great value for money across the ownership cycle. Here’s how:

Better Performance

● Comes with Dual Interdependent ECUs and an Intelligent Injection System

This helps in ensuring an optimum air-fuel ratio for consistent performance and high fuel-efficiency.

● Has Re-Tuned Suspension

Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG powered car models come with a re-tuned chassis, suspension, and braking system that contributes to an enhanced driving experience across all kinds of roads.

Enhanced Safety

● Integrated Wiring Harness and Micro Switch

The S-CNG kit is factory-fitted and comes with an integrated wiring harness that rules out any chance of electrical short circuit in the car. Adding to this, it also comes with a micro switch that prevents the car from turning on during the fuelling process.

● Vehicle Dynamics

S-CNG cars are tested thoroughly for crashworthiness, durability, and safety with the entire CNG kit in place. Along with this, the kit is designed with stainless steel pipes and joints that offer a corrosion-resistant and leak-proof design structure. This added layer of safety in S-CNG cars is well worth the price.

Unparalleled Convenience

● Fuel Level Indicator and NGV Receptacle

Cars equipped with S-CNG technology have a fuel level indicator that helps the car owner keep track of the fuel. Adding to this, it also has an NGV receptacle which is a special nozzle that helps in quicker and safer refuelling process.

● Continued Warranty and Service Network

Maruti Suzuki offers warranty benefits that you can extend up to 5 years. In addition to that, there are more than 3500+ authorised service centres where you can get your Maruti Suzuki S-CNG car serviced in a hassle-free manner.

When it comes to making mobility greener, S-CNG is an automotive technology that truly and genuinely makes a difference.

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