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Answering Your Technology Related Queries - Smartplay | Arenaworld

Technology and innovation are at the forefront of every product that Maruti Suzuki offers – elevating your driving experience up a notch, the smartplay infotainment system is yet another example of this. Available in three different setups i.e. Smartplay Studio, Smartplay Dock, and Smartplay Audio; this new-age infotainment system is loaded with the best-in-class features, redefining what an in-car entertainment can do.

Here, we answer some of the most common queries that customers have about Smartplay: -

1. How does the Smartplay Infotainment System work?

This infotainment system connects the smartphone, vehicle, and cloud-based services which results in an exemplary and delightful in-car entertainment. All you need to do is download the SmartPlay Studio app (Android or iOS) and connect your smartphone with the compatible system that your Maruti Suzuki car comes with. You can log-in to the app using the following steps:

⦁ Fill in the required fields using the registered Maruti Suzuki vehicle details i.e. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or registration number.

⦁ Authenticate through your valid phone number to receive OTP (one-time password).

⦁ Once verified, you can use the system for amazing in-car entertainment.

2. What are the advantages of Smartplay Infotainment System?

Redefining what you can come to expect from in-car infotainment systems in India, Smartplay offers the following advantages: -

⦁ Enhanced Convenience: Owing to the connectivity options on offer, you can always stay connected on the go with Smartplay.

⦁ Media Support: Another advantage of this infotainment system is that it allows you to play music via USB, AUX, Bluetooth, and even third-party apps.

⦁ Safety: The system provides vehicle alerts and lets you use voice command for calls and messages, thus keeping you focused on the road ahead.

3. What connectivity options does the Smartplay come with?

Smartplay comes with numerous connectivity options that contribute to making the driving experience convenient and hassle-free. These include: -

⦁ Smartphone Linkage: Smartplay is available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features to let you connect the smartphone easily.

⦁ MirrorLink Car Mode: Available with Smartplay Audio system, using the MirrorLink Car Mode, you can connect your smartphone to get the full access of your Smartplay.

⦁ Call and Message: You can call, message, and even send replies when required just by using the voice command feature – no need to look at the touchscreen display while driving.

4. How does the Smartplay Infotainment System enhance the user experience?

Designed for a delightful in-car entertainment experience, this infotainment system in India comes with brilliant features like: -

⦁ Smartplay Remote: This feature allows you to convert your smartphone into a remote so that even the co-passengers can access the device conveniently. Quite versatile, isn’t it?!

⦁ Vehicle Alerts: Right from the fuel economy to the parking assistance, the integrated infotainment system gives you all the vital information about the car and its performance, thus keeping you updated while driving.

⦁ Playback Management: The system comes with intuitive playback management in which the screen launches features that you might have listed as favourites or may have used more with just a tap.

In essence, Smartplay envisions everything that a modern car buyer expects from an in-car infotainment system and brings it all together in the most intuitive way.

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