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Four successful millennials – fashion designer Kamaali Mehta, music producer Rohan Kale, mixed martial arts fighter Seth Rosario, and actor Shaleen Malhotra – show us what it is about the Vitara Brezza that appeals to them as they drive to one of the most majestic destinations on the planet, the Taj Mahal.

Cars are more than just a mode of transportation to commute from one place to another. And therefore, while buying a car, a potential customer has to consider a lot of aspects – like #design, personal requirements, #FuelEconomy, #space, #tech and, of course, #performance. A lot of aspects mean a lot of options, but when people from all walks of life come to the same conclusion and decide that a particular #SportsUtilityVehicle fits the bill for all of them, it means something!

Yes, we’re talking about the most sought-after #SUV in the Indian market, the #MarutiSuzuki #VitaraBrezza. It has been a runaway success ever since it made its debut and has clocked a record sale of over 4 lakh units in less than three years. What makes the Vitara Brezza stand apart is that it manages to fulfil the requirements of people from all walks of life. This is the reason why the Vitara Brezza has won 28 awards.

As desirable as the Vitara Brezza is, what will give you peace of mind is Maruti Suzuki’s free-of-cost five-year #warranty. This ensures a hassle-free ownership experience.

The #CompactSUV offers a relaxing driving experience as its available in both #manual and #AutomaticTransmission options, making it a breeze to drive in both the #city and the #highway.

To understand the different aspects of the Vitara Brezza – be it its #exterior design, #interior space and #comfort, state- of-the-art #InfotainmentSystem, or mind-boggling #customisation options – we have with us four successful #millennials – fashion designer Kamaali Mehta, music producer Rohan Kale, mixed martial arts fighter Seth Rosario, and actor Shaleen Malhotra – to show AutoX what it is about the Vitara Brezza that appeals to them as they drive to one of the most majestic destinations on the planet, the #TajMahal.

Butch, but with elegance

The Vitara Brezza stands out in a crowd, with its #tough and #muscular design. Seth, the MMA fighter, says that he identifies with the sub-4-metre SUV’s #RuggedStance and muscular #WheelArches, which are like bulging biceps. Add to that its #SkidPlates and #sporty all-black 16-inch #AlloyWheels, and what you’re left with is an intimidating look – something that an #MMAfighter must possess more than anyone else.

But the similarities don’t end there. The all-conquering #GroundClearance of 198mm and a #height of 1,640mm, make it taller than many SUVs even from a segment above. Naturally, there’s no trait more important than intimidation for a #MixedMartialArts fighter.

The Vitara Brezza stands out in a crowd, with its tough & muscular design.

Now, for an MMA fighter, to attack isn’t the be-all and end-all. Being able to defend yourself is just as important, and, here again, Seth identifies with the Vitara Brezza. Why? Well, Maruti Suzuki has managed to secure a four-star rating in a crash test conducted by the Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme). It was awarded an impressive #FourStars for #AdultOccupantProtection. The Brezza comes loaded with #SafetyFeatures like #DualAirbags, #ABS with #EBD, high-speed #WarningAlert, #ISOFIX #ChildRestraintSystem, #ReverseParkingSensors, as well as front seatbelt pre-tensioners with force limiters as standard across all variants.

Seth sums up the Vitara Brezza’s design: ‘I would say it makes its presence felt on the road, just like I do in the ring!’

The Vitara Brezza certainly manages to flex its muscles, but, at the same time, it also makes quite a #StyleStatement, with its rich vibrant #colours. Now, being a #FashionDesigner, Kamaali believes that people express their emotions, and even their #identity, through colours. So, the autumn-orange-coloured #Brezza may come across as a #bold choice to many, but, for some, it may just represent their vibrant boisterous nature. Even though Kamaali couldn’t stop gushing about the #lively exterior colour, she found the interior equally #classy and captivating, with the perfect balance between #sportiness and everyday #usability, thanks to its all-black interior with #SilverAscents. What impressed her further was how spacious and airy the Vitara Brezza’s #cabin is as all four adults sat comfortably. There was plenty of shoulder and headroom for all of them.

Road etiquette

The Vitara Brezza is a new-age SUV that offers an engaging #DrivingExperience and carves corners like no other. With great #handling capabilities, the Brezza is a sheer joy to #drive – the #steering is direct and has enough heft to ensure that the SUV remains #stable at #HighSpeed.

Seth wasted no time and parked himself behind the wheel. From the word go, he was amazed by the ease of the driving experience. And, Rohan, the DJ in the cabin, had begun to play a very fitting track – the Sultans of Swing from Dire Straits.

At the first opportunity afforded to him, Shaleen decided to get behind the wheel. He threw the Vitara Brezza around a corner and it obliged and blazed through the corner with full confidence. The actor was immediately star struck! ‘Now, this is what you call a fun drive,’ exclaimed the actor.

Comfort & features galore

Since this is a #RoadTrip, Rohan soon took charge. He acquainted himself with the #SmartPlay #InfotainmentSystem. He was impressed by how simple it is to use. Pairing your phone via #Bluetooth is a breeze. Of course, the system also comes with #AppleCarPlay and #AndroidAuto.

As Rohan started to get warmed up, he found the #SoundClarity of the four #speakers and two #tweeters to be top notch. With a crystal-clear sound and ample #bass, he was immersed in the #BrezzaExperience.

Soon, though, the tough guy – who is undoubtedly used to being in charge – took to the #VoiceCommand control to guide the music in the direction of his choosing. To lighten the mood, Kamaali decided to change the colours of the gauges, which come in five colour options – blue, red, yellow, orange and white.

Meanwhile, Shaleen reached for the upper #GloveBox, which is actually a #CoolBox to chill your beverages. It seems he was impressed not just by the Brezza’s cornering ability but also its practicality.

The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza bowls over millennials with its trendy, versatile, and practical nature.

Now, for many people, one’s car is an expression of one’s personality. And that’s why so many people like to #customise their vehicles according to their tastes. So, if you’re one such believer who wants to add that unique touch to the Brezza, Maruti Suzuki’s #iCreate feature lets you customise the exterior colour, #BodyGraphics, alloy wheel designs, seat covers and interior #StylingKits, which include screens for the rear passengers.

All said and done, our quartet was impressed and ready to sit back, relax and let the Vitara Brezza take care of the journey to the Taj. It seems that you can impress millennials after all!

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