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How to Keep Your Car Safe this Diwali | Arenaworld

Maruti Suzuki Guide to Protect your Car

The festival of light ushers in abundant joy, excitement and a feeling of togetherness. It’s all about sweets, cards, gifts, diyas and candles, and for a lot of people, crackers. Considering this, you may feel concerned about the well being of your car, not wanting it to suffer any damage during the ‘bursting’ festivities.

Here are a few simple and useful tips to keep your car safe from harm this Diwali:

  • 1. Use garage parking

A covered, sheltered space will protect your car from misfired rockets or sparks from crackers that can damage it. So if your garage is full of junk, this is the time to clear it out to make space for your vehicle. Once the smoke settles, you don’t want your car resembling a burst cracker.

  • 2. Avoid car covers

car covers are weatherproof, durable, quick dry and dustproof but there’s one thing they are not – fireproof. So while the neighbourhood is enjoying the sounds and sights of crackers, make sure that your car does not have a cover on, which is largely susceptible to stray sparks or fire.

  • 3. Stay alert while driving

If you see somebody light a cracker ahead, stop! Keeping ample distance from it will prove beneficial in more ways than you can imagine. Once they’re done, honk for permission to pass and drive on. Driving slowly through residential areas would make for an excellent strategy.

  • 4. Keep your windows shut

To keep trouble out, keep your windows closed at all times. You never know when a stray firecracker (God forbid, a rocket) comes darting into your vehicle, harming you or the insides of your carefully groomed car. This small act can save you big losses.

  • 5. Keep a fire extinguisher

There’s no harm in keeping a portable fire extinguisher in your car as a precaution against random fires. Who knows when it will come handy?

  • 6. Don’t drink and drive

One of the major causes of road rage and accidents during Diwali (and at any given time) is drunken driving. So take a taxi if you’re going to be drinking or ask a sober friend to drop you home. This festive season let’s restrict our gambling to the table.

Happy driving!

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